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Switch2VoIP is a VoIP call center service provider that allows your business to start making phone calls instantly and save money while enjoying the best phone service provider.

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Whether your looking to open a new VoIP phone account or you need additional support our dedicated team of support professionals are ready to assist you 24/7.

Switch2VoIP employs some of the top industry experts in VoIP and network engineers so you can rest assured you are working with knowledgeable people who can work efficiently to solve your problems.

ABOUT OUR SIP TRUNKS team of professionals dedicates all their hard work and expertise to their customers, our reputation is our pride and building the best SIP Trunking VoIP services is our joy.

Our redundant data center works 24/7 to make sure your business is in good hands and you get the service you deserve.


Switch2VoIP offers VoIP for Business, Toll Free Numbers and International Virtual Phone Numbers and DID's.

Providing business VoIP phone services since 2007 to contact centers in United States, Canada, Central America countries such Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, also Germany, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Philippines and other countries in the rest of the world.