A-Z VoIP Termination for Call-Centers

Last modified: August 18, 2021

Switch2VoIP.us is a A-Z VoIP Termination provider serving call centers, large business and residential VoIP customers in 55 countries since 2006. Our SIP trunking solution manages billions of calls every year with 99.999% accuracy.

*Contact us if you have special need or high volume traffic for negotiable prices.

A-Z VoIP Termination
A-Z VoIP Termination for Call-Centers

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Why Switch2VoIP.us?

Switch2VoIP.us keeps relationships with the biggest wholesale VoIP providers in the planet to provide SIP trunking of high quality merged with extreme Customer Service, our Pay-As-You-Go model translates into No-Headache commercial terms, what else can you ask for?

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Advanced A-Z VoIP termination services

Switch2VoIP.us offers low cost VoIP termination services with high quality voice to users on every country.

  • Live Technical Support
  • Lowest VoIP Rates based on your call volume
  • Top of the line quality of VoIP service
  • Access your CDR (Call Detail Records) online
  • Virtual Call Center: Hosted PBX, Rented Virtual Dialer, Hosted IVR.

The connection to Switch2VoIP.us allows access to wholesale A to Z termination with unlimited concurrent channels. Service providers also receive the benefits of the direct interconnections with world’s leading telecommunication carriers.

We can connect your calls using VoIP (H.323 and SIP protocols) coming from any spot on the globe through Internet and through PSTN.

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How our VoIP works?

The connection system we integrated interconnects several world’s top VoIP telecommunication carriers. Our unique brilliant routing engine can apply for every outgoing call the top route by using multiple various criteria that depends on the kind of service that the customer has subscribed and chosen.

Read more about how VoIP works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_telephony_service_provider

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Types of VoIP Services Offered by Switch2VoIP.us

Switch2VoIP.us offers the following types of voice termination services:

  • SIP Accounts

Switch2VoIP.us SIP termination provider offers a SIP account (username and password) so it is easy to use with any IP=PBX or softphone. We are compatible with many different dialers such as Vicidial, Goautodial, PBX, Asterisk, etc. You can also use a Softphone such as EYEBEAM or XLITE to make your calls efficiently.

  • International Virtual Phone Numbers

Switch2VoIP.us provides International Virtual Numbers also known as DID’s in many countries. Once you sign up and select the USA virtual number of your choice and will never again miss a call from your customers. This Virtual Number makes it possible for anyone in the specific area code or country to reach you as if it were a local call.

  • USA Toll Free Numbers

USA Toll Free Numbers available with area codes: 1-844, 1-855 or 1-866 to anywhere in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Your customers can call you at no cost to them to your own Toll Free Number.

  • Virtual Call Center

Hosted PBX at $15 per seat available for customers who want a rented dialer straight from us with a guaranteed 99% uptime with Free Tech Support Included.  Our servers can handle more than 40 agents at a time calling with full call recording, IVR, and Voice Braodcast.

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Who Can Benefit from A-Z VoIP Termination Services?

  • Small Business

Balanced quality-cost routing. For each call system applies the highest-quality route from the list of cost-accepted available routes for the moment. Recommended for Service Providers, Wholesale (of callshops, call centers, home users and corporate clients). Available for all categories of customers.

  • Wholesale Users

Balanced cost-quality routing. For each call system applies the best route from the list of quality-accepted available routes for the moment. Recommended for Service Providers.

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Switch2VoIP.us A-Z VoIP Termination Benefits

  • A – Z VOIP Rates for Call Centers at the lowest competitive rates.  Our rates are billed per fraction of minute used with no rounding, for example, this means that if you only talk for 15 seconds we will bill you only for 15 seconds. Our routes from A to Z are 100% CLI White routes with the best call quality available guaranteed.
  • Pay-as-you-go billing with no contracts, commitments or monthly fees.  You can view your account online in the billing portal, and add balance with your credit card or Paypal.  This allows you peace of mind where you can see your billing history and calls online 24/7.
  • Unlimited channels with servers especially dedicated to call center voip termination traffic to ensure your business is efficient and productive.  These servers are ready to handle thousands of calls per second to anywhere in the world.

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Brief technical VoIP specifications

  • Protocol: SIP RFC3261
  • Voice Codecs: G.729ab, G.711 A-law, G.711 μ-law
  • Fax: Group III at 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4 Kbps, industry standard T.38
  • DTMF via RFC2833 or SIP Info
  • CLI/ANI authentications
  • SIP Auth Method: Remote IP and Digest authentications

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