Asterisk SIP trunk

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Voip sip trunking for asterisk

Enjoy an Asterisk SIP Trunk service provider with better reliability and quality when compared to the local telephone companies within the United States.

Switch2VoIP offers superior Asterisk VoIP services without any setup fees, minimum payments, call volume and without monthly fees.

Key features for Asterisk users

  1. Switch2VoIP offers pre-paid billing and no contracts which gives our clients the option to control their telephone bill.
  2. Unlimited Channels/Ports, every account has unlimited outbound and inbound channels, so you can increment the number of agents on your business or call center and we will not charge per additional channels/ports.
  3. Virtual Asterisk IP PBX/ Virtual Hosted Auto-Dialer, make and answer calls from any location. Give any one of your employees a VoIP phone number that they can answer from their office, home or mobile phone.

You can try with only $5 to Signup for a VoIP account for your Asterisk server.

What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is the work leader in open source IP phone platforms. This is the kind of software that can turn a regular computer into an enterprise class IP-PBX, more information can be read on their official website

This open source IP-PBX system is used by all size business to improve their communication and reduce phone costs including Google, IBM and even the United Stated army is using Asterisk.

The Asterisk system can be installed on a local server or on servers hosted on the cloud for more convenience, less downtime and support which is what a business needs to having a reliable IP-PBX cloud phone system.

Configure your SIP Trunk in Asterisk server

Configure your sip trunk in asterisk server

Asterisk SIP Trunk configuration

We have organize a list of tasks you need to complete in order to install, setup Asterisk and configure the SIP trunk in Asterisk to start making calls and make your business look even more professional.

The tech support provided by Switch2VoIP includes helping you configure your Asterisk SIP Trunk settings, contact our chat support for more information.

Always the easiest option would be to setup a hosted PBX using the Virtual Call Center service, it even helps decrease the monthly fees by not having to hire an IT, you will save more money and your data will be protected.

Asterisk as a PBX

Virtual call center - hosted auto dialer asterisk vicidial

The Asterisk telephony software was created on its origins to be used as a PBX system, it was built with all the features and necessary tools to create a powerful phone system, that’s why the term “Asterisk PBX” is widely used. Asterisk features include phone tools that will cost extra money with your phone provider’s PBX phone system like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voicemail, automated attendant, intercom calling extension to extension, call queuing, conference bridge, etc.

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