Auto dialer, cloud call center

Last modified: January 30, 2021

Auto dialer, cloud call center

An auto dialer is the perfect cloud call center solution! It gives you the same features and convenience without ownership cost and maintenance!

Cloud auto dialer VICIdial boosts the production of call centers at 400% while lowering start-up costs. For example one agent can make an average of 85 manual calls per day, however with an auto dialer the same agent can receive an average increment of 450 calls in an 8 hours period.

Switch2VoIP hosted predictive dialer is a cloud call center solution with a guaranteed 99% uptime. Cloud auto dialing is a reasonable option over having an In-House server.

You can even start with 1 agent and ramp up extensions as needed. Every dialing cloud server is capable of handling around 80 outbound agents on 3:1 dialing ratio along with full recording, or more than 120 inbound agents with 2:1 dialing ratio. Cloud call center servers could be combined together for increasing and growing capacity, easily for more than 100 seats.

Cloud call center savings

The Virtual Hosted Predictive VICIdial is the best answer for quick and fast start-ups with immediate benefits. You will save a ton on the following:

1- Hardware initial costs such as servers.
2- Cables
3- Devices
4- Internet Bandwidth
5- Constant Maintenance and Backups
6- Security measures for your Virtual Hosted VICIdial
7- No long-term commitments or contracts.

Price is undoubtedly an important factor which must be considered and individuals can save the most by choosing cloud call centers. Switch2VoIP has been ranked amongst the most top notch VoIP communication providers in the world.

The low outbound prices apply for both USA, Canada and UK and individuals are going to be exceptionally surprised when they find out that direct route to US as well as UK costs 0.008 per minute, which is really quite less and counts as under 1 cent per minute.

Auto Dialers on cloud servers network

The auto dialers are hosted on reliable networks that can assure 99.99% system uptime with no error. The server that our IT specialists will set up for your dialer is going to be on a network that is state of the art with Fiber backbone more than able to handle any volume of calls, UPS backups, 24 hour proactive monitoring and RAID for fault tolerance.

Pre-requisites before buying a call center dialer

1- Computer stations and have agents capable of navigating to a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox for the VICIdial admin and agent login.

2- Free PC based SoftPhone such as Eyebeam or Xlite (you can download these from our website)

It’s easy to start, just credit your account and the balance will be debited every month from your balance. Talk to our Chat support to learn how to start making calls with our Hosted Virtual Dialer.

Price per  Month is $250 including Full Month of Tech Support (VoIP cost not included)

Cloud auto dialer for call center
DUO 2.8 GHz
Setup Fee
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