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Last modified: January 26, 2021

When you select a VoIP Phone Number from a city or town where your customers, family or friends live, they can call you like if they’re making a local call and they do not have to pay a cent.

Let’s say you live in NY, USA, and add to your account a virtual phone number from London, England, anyone in London can call your local London phone number and reach you in NY. They will save a fortune!

International VoIP Phone NumbersWhen your friends and family call your Switch2VoIP.us virtual phone number, you will receive the call in your computer, mobile VoIP app or analog phone adapter (ATA), you can receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

If you own a Business or a CallCenter you’re also welcome to signup for a VoIP account and order as many Virtual VoIP-Phone Numbers as you wish, Order a USA VoIP Phone Number of the state and city of your choice.

The USA VoIP Phone Numbers are only $10 per month for Business clients, there are no per channel extra fees, your Virtual Phone Number will have unlimited channels for inbound calling.

Switch2VoIP.us also provides International VoIP Phone Numbers and Toll Free Numbers at low cost, look below for the available destinations and prices.

Switch2VoIP offers VoIP Phone Numbers from the following countries:

  • Argentina $12.50/Mo.
  • Australia $9.99/Mo
  • Austria $9.99/Mo.
  • Bahrain $12.50/Mo.
  • Belgium $9.99/Mo.
  • Bolivia $9.99/Mo.
  • Brazil $9.99/Mo.
  • Canada $9.99/Mo.
  • Chile $12.50/Mo.
  • Colombia $14.00/Mo.
  • Cyprus $9.99/Mo.
  • Czech Republic $9.99/Mo.
  • Dominican Rep. $12.50/Mo.
  • El Salvador $9.99/Mo.
  • Estonia $9.99/Mo.
  • Finland $9.99/Mo.
  • France $9.99/Mo.
  • Great Britain (UK) $9.99/Mo.
  • Greece $12.50/Mo.
  • Germany $12.50/Mo.
  • Israel $12.50/Mo.
  • Ireland $9.99/Mo.
  • Italy $12.50/Mo.
  • Japan $12.50/Mo.
  • Lithuania $9.99/Mo. 
  • Luxembourg $12.50/Mo.
  • Malta $12.50/Mo.
  • Mexico $9.99/Mo.
  • Netherlands $9.99/Mo.
  • New Zealand $9.99/Mo.
  • Nigeria $12.50/Mo.
  • Panama $12.50/Mo.
  • Peru $12.50/Mo.
  • Poland $9.99/Mo.
  • Portugal $12.50/Mo.
  • Puerto Rico $14.00/Mo.
  • Romania $12.50/Mo.

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USA VoIP Phone Number

You can order a virtual phone number from any state in the United States (USA) which can be used for personal or business purposes.

Usage type
Residential / PersonalYes
Business / OfficeYes
IVR servicesYes
Any purposeYes
VoIP Phone Number
Incoming channels
Included ports/channelsUnlimited
Maximum ports/channelsUnlimited
Additional channel monthly fee$0.00
Additional channel setup fee$0.00
VoIP Phone Number
Monthly Fee
Setup Fee
USA Outgoing Calls/Minute
USA Incoming Calls/Minute0.008

Click here for a list of available USA area codes for your USA VoIP Phone Number

USA Business DID’s at only $5 per month for all Switch2VoIP.us users, if you still don’t have an account you can Order your phone number now.

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