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Last modified: January 16, 2021

Best voip provider for businessThe best VoIP provider for your business naturally depends on your business and your needs but the best services have at least two common characteristics. Price and versatility are what you need to look for.

Switch2Voip allows you to save money on your phone bill using VoIP. The more calls you make the more you save versus a traditional phone. This is because you only pay for the minutes you talk at minimum low VoIP rates.

You do not have to pay the exorbitant fees that phone companies charge for local long distance or multiple lines. This means substantial savings for companies that have heavy phone traffic like outbound sales calls or inbound customer calls. The best VoIP provider has to offer prices under one cent per minute. A perfect price range would be $0.008 per minute to the USA, $0.008 per minute to the United Kingdom, and $0.005 per minute to Canada no more than that.

The best VoIP provider for business offers the option of prepaid billing or pay-as-you-go billing with no contracts. The options make budgeting for growth easier for your company.

“The best VoIP phone service provider for your business also has to offer international virtual phone numbers.”

You do not have to pay for a VoIP Phone Number. The best VoIP provider for your business will provide you with a Free USA virtual phone number when you signup.

Always remember to look for a VoIP provider for business who offers SIP Trunking for Asterisk. Asterisk is the “computer-to-phone” software running under most of the PBX’s installed worldwide, if you are using Asterisk the next you will need is a SIP Trunk, but don’t get me wrong, to configure your VoIP account on Asterisk you will only need your VoIP username and password unless you want to authenticate using your server’s IP.


What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is an open source software that converts a regular computer into a world-class telecommunications system, with Asterisk you can build an in-house IP-PBX at no cost and manage all your agents extensions without having to pay a monthly fee.

When Asterisk is installed on your server then you will need a SIP trunk in order to make and receive calls. SIP Trunks are provided by VoIP companies for business.


What is SIP Trunking?

SIP means Session Initiation Protocol. SIP trunking allows you to transmit media files and data files over your VoIP link. This makes your communication with a customer real live as well as real time.

Switch2Voip offers unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP trunk because you will want to make multiple concurrent calls from your PBX or Auto-Dialer.

A virtual VoIP phone number that is accessible internationally. If your company have a website or is doing business through social media sites then you already have an international market.

You may not be taking full advantage of international sales due to the costs that a customer will incur when calling your local phone number. An international VoIP-Phone number helps your clients and customers making it possible for them to call your business for free.

You know that growing your business can be problematic in a very competitive market. Switch2Voip helps you grow your business and save money over traditional phone systems. You pay less per call and you get free local long distance calling.

Just comparing prices alone is enough evidence to make you want to switch. The idea that you can almost instantly become an international business by changing how you make calls is an enticement that few companies can afford to overlook.


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