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Setup your CallerID on X-Lite, Zoiper free Softphone

Last modified: April 9, 2021

In this article we would like to explain how to setup the CallerID on Zoiper, X-Lite and Eyebeam softphone or it’s new Bria version.

Sometimes you want your callee to see your business phone number when you call them. You can use the same concept for any softphone like Eyebeam Bria or X-Lite and the CallerID will display perfectly.

How to setup your CallerID, step by step instructions

Open your Xlite/Eyebeam or Zoiper soft-phone within the “Account Settings” tab fill in the fields as explained below:

  1. First go to the Dashboard: You will find the Username for Xlite/Eyebeam/Zoiper on the upper right side. 
  2. Display Name: Enter your Agent’s Name in this field or leave Empty.
  3. Username: The username field is also used to input the CallerID. Enter your Switch2VoIP Username here or if you want to display your CallerID enter your phone number here.
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Setting CallerID in Vicidial Predictive Dialer

Last modified: July 28, 2021

Vicidial caller id setup

In the past months many of our friends have been asking how can they setup the CallerID in Vicidial and Goautodial both Asterisk based predictive dialers.

Common questions about CallerID in Vicidial are:

Why my customers do not see the CallerID i am sending them?
How can i setup my CallerID on Vicidial?
Why my VoIP account number is being shown on my receivers Caller ID instead of my phone number?

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Call Center VoIP Provider in Canada

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Call center voip canada

Switch2Voip is pleased to announce that the International VoIP provider is now offering Canada VoIP services with VoIP rates under half a cent per minute (0.005) for Business and Call Centers calling to Canada.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of the most affordable and cost effective solutions to reduce the overall cost of phone calls especially in huge contact centers or call centers. VoIP services for Businesses include voice and fax services including interoffice communication. Businesses can also make long distance calls, local as well as international calls at extremely low prices. They can see a 60% reduction in their telephone bills after they have switched to the VoIP technology. Businesses will not have to change their existing technology but simple make a few changes to their Dialer and PBX configuration.

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VoIP For Call Centers That Saves You Money

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Save money with voip

Having a call center can be an expensive undertaking for your business. More phone calls means more minutes and more fees – unless you choose to go the route of VoIP for dialers. This uses voice over IP technology to keep all of your calls significantly more affordable.

A call center VoIP from Switch2VoIP can be one of the most affordable things that you can switch to. If you have specific channels needed or you need to make a certain number of calls per second to maintain profitability, you need a dialer VoIP that understands your needs. Regardless of the call volume that you have, you can ensure that the setup is present. All of the channels can be managed effectively, too.

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VoIP Tips: How much internet bandwidth do i need to make VoIP calls?

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Voip for call centers

The first thing that Call Center owners and IT managers should be looking before they start searching for a new call center VoIP provider is their internet bandwidth or internet speed as some may call it, both the upload and the download are importants to complete a call, when you talk you are sending packages and when your interlocutor talks you are receiving, so both upload/download must be simetric. Let’s say you have 10 computers connected to a predictive dialer making four simultaneous calls per agent at 8kbps (at this point i suppose you are using audio codec g729 on your softphones which compresses the data at 8kbps) each would be 32kbps and those 4 computers will be using other web aplications, CRM’s and even the Dialer web GUI.

Something else that you should be looking for is the reliability of your VoIP provider, if there is at least a little of packet loss,

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VoIP para Negocios, Call Centers y Hoteles

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Voip para call centers
VoIP para negocios

Switch2VoIP ofrece servicios de VoIP para las empresas con el mismo o incluso mejor fiabilidad y calidad cuando se compara con la compañía telefónica local con base en nuestra localidad. Ofrecemos la misma voz y fax sin los pagos mínimos y el volumen de llamadas y sin cargos mensuales.

Visita nuestras tarifas AQUÍ

La solución de Voz Sobre IP (VoIP) de Switch2VoIP le ofrece la oportunidad de comunicarse con sus clientes y los miembros de su empresa y tener una comunicación más eficaz y economica. Con este servicio usted aumentará la productividad y la eficiencia. Desde el primer día usted experimentará cómo sus facturas telefonicas se reducirán al 60%, incluso si usted está haciendo llamadas de larga distancia local o llamadas internacionales.

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From Bell to VoIP – Where VoIP was Born?

Last modified: January 14, 2021

History of voip

Have you ever come across this situation? You are meeting a friend or an acquaintance after many many days and you can hardly recognize him? Probably he looks much more confident or perhaps he has grown much taller. Does it make you question and reflect on your own life? How things have changed and paths unfolded? This is the particular story of where and when the VoIP phone service was born.

In any case, we can all agree that it is always a unique and meaningful experience to stand in front of someone/something that has undergone much refinement and changes. The greater the change, the greater the surprise, the more interesting the story behind the change. I won’t tell you the story behind the changes that occurred in a school friend of mine whom I met recently after many years, but I would like to tell you the story of the amazing thing through which I can connect to him.

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Top 3 Mobile VoIP apps for iPhone, Android and Symbian.

Last modified: January 19, 2021

Mobile voip provider
Mobile VoIP Apps

Increased use of Mobile VoIP apps

Recent studies have discovered the growth of mobile VoIP devices users in the communities that wish to be in constant communication and interaction with the rest of the world, having noted that the ownership of smartphones have increased from a 15% to a 46% on the past 10 years.

80% of the smartphone users are using their mobile internet to access their social media accounts while only 15% of the people with an active internet connection are using Mobile VoIP apps to save money on their calls using their VoIP provider for Mobile Phones.

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Call Center Dialer Traffic SIP Termination

Last modified: January 16, 2021

Call center sip termination

Switch2Voip provides VoIP service for call centers including predictive dialer SIP trunking, Toll Free Numbers and International virtual phone numbers.

Our VoIP service can be used on call centers using any kind of Asterisk based dialers such as Vicidial, Goautodial, VicidialNow or ViciBox. There is no setup fee or hidden charges on any business or contact center VoIP accounts.

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