How can a SIP trace be captured on the switch?

When setting up a new SIP trunk with a provider or troubleshooting call failures it is important to be able to capture a signaling trace of an outbound call. This is also important when troubleshooting SIP registration issues with a new provider. In Asterisk for example, turn on SIP debugging via the Asterisk CLI using the sip set debug commands. Sip set debug peer on – turns on SIP debugging globally showing all SIP traffic to and from the Asterisk gateway. Sip set debug IP – debug only message to and from a particular IP address. Sip set debug off – Turns off all SIP debugging. Please be familiar with how to turn on debugging. If enabling debugging on the switch is not preferred, use a network protocol analyzer such as Wireshark to capture the SIP and media traffic on the calls. To learn more about Wireshark, please visit This site includes step by step videos on how to setup Wireshark on a network.