Buy VoIP with crypto, using USDT Tether TRC20 only $1 fee

Buy VoIP with USDT Tether:

Buy VoIP with crypto using USDT Tether format Tron (TRC20), fees are only $1 for any amount you send. add credits to your SIP Trunking account by transferring funds to a crypto wallet.

Scan our QR code to transfer USDT to our wallet. Ensure the network is TRC20.

Buy VoIP with crypto USDT Tether TRC20 wallet
BINANCE USDT Tether Wallet:


All orders will be processed as soon as the proof of payment has been received.

Steps to upload USDT (TRC20 format) payments

  1. Transfer any amount to our USDT TRC20 Tether Wallet: TMxsxcRohW8wGPwW14mZXsBaQYYnQJ21cA
  2. Take a picture of your wallet transfer confirmation.
  3. On our site: Enter the amount of the recharge and click Add to Cart.
  4. Upload the picture of your wallet transfer confirmation.



Buy VoIP with crypto the easy way

Use your wallet to send Tether USDT using the TRC20 format (TRC20 is the USDT format with lower fees), it will only cost $1 to transfer any amount to our wallet.

Ensure the network is TRC20.

Recently, we added the TRC-20 Tether token as our first stable-coin payment method. Since then we have received a large number of requests from our users to add USDT TRC-20.

Finally! You can buy VoIP services with cryptocurrencies.

Happy to introduce Tether as a new payment method with low fees for ordering VoIP services for businesses using crypto.

You can recharge your SIP Trunking with Tether USDT by following the steps mentioned above.