Buy VoIP for Business with Payza: Introducing new payment option.

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Buy voip for business with payzaSwitch2Voip announces the new payment option available, Payza!

With the addition of this new payment processor, Payza members can now add credits to their Switch2Voip Business VoIP account in 2 easy steps. This new addition gives our users an easy way to buy VoIP using Payza. This step is taken forward to provide new payment solutions to businesses working in countries where Paypal and other payment processors are not accepted. At Switch2Voip we are very excited to provide payment options to our VoIP business users worldwide.

With the introduction of Payza, Switch2Voip is actually accepting both credit card and bitcoin payments as a one-stop payment solution, users will only have to deal with one payment processor.

Payza does not charge any fees to users making payments to their Switch2Voip VoIP account, however there is a 2% charge for users who buy bitcoin using the Payza platform.


How to add credits to your VoIP account using Payza:

You can add credits to your VoIP account using Payza in 2 easy steps.

1- When you are in the final checkout step, you will see several payment options at the bottom of the screen, select Payza and click on “Checkout” or “Finish”, you will be sent to the Payza platform where you will Login to your Payza account (or register), after you login click on “Continue”.

Buy voip with payza 


2- After you are taken to the Final step, select credit card, fill in your credit card details and click Continue, your payment has now been received by Switch2Voip and will be credited to your VoIP account, you can now continue making calls from your device.

Buy voip for business with payza: introducing new payment option.


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