Call Center Agent Motivation That Lasts. Part 2

Last modified: January 14, 2021

VoIP Call Center Agent MotivationThis is the second part of the article “Motivation that lasts”, in the first part we examined the best approach to agent motivation, in this final part we will make an exercise to study the intrinsics of agent self-motivation.

Read the first part of this article that will help you understand how to motivate your call center agents: Motivation that lasts Part 1

For this exercise, think of the telephone reps in your VoIP call center or the agents on the team whom you manage. Then, highlight or circle which one of each pair of statements is generally true of those people regarding their motivation to work. Do this now.

When you’re done, read on.

Voip call center agent motivation

What did this little exercise reveal to you about people’s motivation to work? It is an important issue, and one that is worth thinking about at length because, whatever your answers, you selected them based on your assumptions about human nature and the motivation to work. You have carried these assumptions with you into your leadership role. Chances are, you carried them there unconsciously..

But wait! There’s a Part II of this exercise. This time, think of yourself and your motivation to work. Then put a check mark beside which one of each of the pairs of statements is generally true regarding your own motivation to work. Do this now.

Are your motivations different from your agents’? If you are a manager or supervisor of call center agents, chances are that at least three or four of your answers regarding your own motivations are different than your answers were when you responded about the motivations of your people.

All workers, not just managers, are motivated by the same intrinsic urges to do good work, to do it well, and to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Now here’s the hard part of this exercise…. Where your answers are different, are you sure that your agents are motivated differently? Or is that an implicit assumption that you have carried into your leadership role?

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