6 Common mistakes that have been dragging your VoIP CallCenter down

Last modified: January 20, 2021

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6 Common Mistakes that are Dragging Your VoIP CallCenter Down

Making mistakes in the office or VoIP CallCenter are sometimes bound to happen, but sometimes the are very serious ones and can cause you to pay more than you ever imagined.

This happens mostly in CallCenters where the motto is No Room for Error.

Depending on the mistakes made in the business, there could be a way out of it one way or another and that’s the good part.

In many occasions though, some mistakes NEED to be avoided because they do not offer any rectification or a way out of it.

For such serious mistakes it is best to follow a procedure or process and practice the best way to understand the root of the error made, and start strategies needed to avoid ongoing errors or mistakes.

VoIP CallCenters in many occasions make very critical mistakes, considering they have a great responsibility to their clients. The mistakes made are quite common in the CallCenter industry and particularly impacting the business in a very negative way. Let us look closely at the common mistakes and errors that are universally made.

1. Taking Long to Call Back Your Leads

In a CallCenter atmosphere, taking very long to return calls or get back to your leads can destroy the only chance you have to make those leads potential clients. The slow response time can make a bad impression on your business or CallCenter. The regular approved time to respond to a customer is within an hours’ time.

Your CallCenter will seem inadequate or unskillful if you are unsuccessful to reach them in this specified time.

Ask your IT manager if your VoIP predictive dialer can be set to automatic for the scheduled call backs ad you will never miss a lead.

2. Putting Potential Callers on hold for Long

Your leads most likely become your potential customers, but that chance is often ruined by the wait time that the CallCenter agent leaves the customer on hold.

Again as mentioned earlier, your CallCenter or organization will make customers believe you are not a reliable organization.

This can also affect your current customers if they need your customer service, customer support or any information on a product, putting the callers on hold for a long time can really decrease the efficiency of your call canter all together.

3. No Proper Training of Agents

The CallCenter agents are the most important tool and the forefront of the business. If the agent lacks in training and preparation then your chance of increasing or getting potential customers drops.

Training the agents in CallCenters is very important yet many still fail to do so correctly. One of the common reasons for this is the turnover rate in CallCenters, but do not let this excuse interfere with the success and triumph of your CallCenter.

4. Not having a USA free local phone number or a Toll Free 800 Number

Many CallCenters calling the USA from around the globe, do not have a USA Virtual Phone Number. When customers need to call back to speak to your agents, the cost can sometimes be unbearable.

Switch2Voip offers a FREE USA Phone Number with NO contract or hidden fees and with the area code of your choice. This allows your customers the option to call you for the price of a local call. https://switch2voip.us/VoIP/toll-free-numbers

5. Not Investing in your technology

All businesses and organizations including CallCenters believe that saving money is very important in the aim to better the institution. But after doing so, they fail to reach their goal of expected success.

In the CallCenter industry it’s very common for the business not to upgrade their technology and electronics just to pocket a few extra bucks. In the long run these savings end up costing you more money than expected.

Always keep in mind that the proper technology boosts and increases the customer experience which is priority.

6. Dialing manually instead of using an Auto Dialer

Call-Centers owners can think that having a VoIP predictive dialer can be expensive or at times it can become a headache to install and maintain.

Switch2Voip offers a hosted virtual call center auto-dialer at an exceptional rate so you can increase your productivity instead of making manual calls, for just $15 per seat per agent you can relax with our 99% up time guaranteed.

With a VoIP Virtual Dialer you will increase the work rate of calls to 300% https://switch2voip.us/voip-services/virtual-hosted-vicidial-goautodial

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