Call Center VoIP Calls – How to Save More

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Save with call center voipRecently, due to increasing concerns related to offshore outsourcing affecting quality and security, more and more companies are considering the cost-saving advantages of employing agents who work from their homes.

To do this, most companies are using VoIP call center technology that can route calls, provides numerous ways to interact with clients (audio only, video and chat) and manages information provided by customers by integrating with customer relationship management software.

Virtual call centers have been in existence since the ‘90’s, but many companies felt uneasy about giving up control and supervision of an in-house call center. However, one of the first companies to use home-based call center agents, JetBlue Airways, presently employs more than 900 call center agents working directly from home.

The system of call-blending assists in making the most of the time each workstation can spend using the telephones, with calls coming in and going out. This automated system can be tailored organized to match any company’s particular requirements. When an agent completes a call and is available, the system puts the agent onto a waiting list and then notifies the agent with a specific tone in the headset and will then connect agent to caller. This not only eliminates ‘dead time’ of agents who wait around while they have no calls. It also serves to distribute calls more evenly among agents, which keeps employees busy but not overstretched and also results in satisfied clients.

One of the best choices for companies is the low cost call center VoIP services, a highly popular system being used globally by all types and sizes of companies because of the many advantages it offers.

One of the most obvious advantages is the economical price. An international call using VoIP service is just a fraction of what one would spend on a regular international call. For example, a call to the U.S. or UK costs 0.008 per minute; it is only 0.005 per minute to Canada, which also have free virtual phone numbers and free USA or Canada DID. In addition, there are unlimited concurrent calls, unlimited call center seats, and unlimited agents with one account.

Another key advantages are accessibility – people can make VoIP whenever they want, as long as they have a mobile phone. International meetings are easy and convenient thanks to the conference call feature of this service, which also reduces the expense of making several individual international calls.

With the savings obtained from using VoIP services, companies can put the savings into developing and strengthening their businesses, improving marketing or expanding into new markets. It is undoubtedly cheaper and more efficient to use VoIP services. If a company wants to make certain it is utilizing the best possible mode of telecommunications and save money, VoIP is the solution.

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