Call Center VoIP Provider in Canada

Last modified: January 16, 2021

Call center voip canada

Switch2Voip is pleased to announce that the International VoIP provider is now offering Canada VoIP services with VoIP rates under half a cent per minute (0.005) for Business and Call Centers calling to Canada.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of the most affordable and cost effective solutions to reduce the overall cost of phone calls especially in huge contact centers or call centers. VoIP services for Businesses include voice and fax services including interoffice communication. Businesses can also make long distance calls, local as well as international calls at extremely low prices. They can see a 60% reduction in their telephone bills after they have switched to the VoIP technology. Businesses will not have to change their existing technology but simple make a few changes to their Dialer and PBX configuration.

Switch2Voip provides Canada Virtual Phone numbers at $9.99 per month, businesses are also entitled to a USA phone number when signing up for a new VoIP account, the outbound and inbound rate within Canada is 0.005 (half a cent) per minute. Business, Call Centers and Hotels will be able to communicate efficiently and effectively to their partners overseas, customers worldwide and with the staff within the company network.

Medium and large sized organizations that are looking to save money on their telephone calls can largelly benefit from the economical VoIP services provided by Switch2Voip. Call Centers that use systems like IP PBX, VICIdial, Asterisk, etc. can upgrade to these VoIP services. Telecom companies, mobile carriers and resellers can also upgrade to this technology for the purpose of offering phone services to local customers at exceptionally low rates.

Our VoIP technology for Call Centers and Dialers can handle any kind of call volume. All you have to do is signup for an account on the website, these VoIP accounts will handle an unlimited number channels that they need for the number of calls that they have to make per second. High Volume call center traffic to USA, UK, Australia and Canada is supported by this system. Switch2VoIP is compatible with different Asterisk based platforms like Vicidial, Goautodial, VicidialNow, Elastix, ViciBox, etc. Virtual Call Center, Hosted GoAutoDial, A-Z Voip Termination, Free Canada and USA Virtual Phone Numbers, Canada and United States Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Phone Numbers, International DIDs, etc. are some of the additional services offered by Switch2VoIP.



Switch2Voip Call Center VoIP Provider, based at Olympia, Washington provides call center VoIP and Toll Free services for a variety of contact centers worldwide. Businesses can experience top quality VoIP services as well as saving more on their phone calls with these services.

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