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Last modified: February 17, 2021

Canada phone number did
Canada phone number – DID for PBX

With a Canada phone number, small and large businesses can receive calls overseas for the price of a local call.

Switch2VoIP offers virtual phone numbers in all Canadian provinces at USD $9 per month.

Buy a Canadian phone number from the province and city of your choice, your customers will pay for a local call.

How your VoIP Canada phone number works

Let’s say your office is in London and you want to buy a VoIP phone number from Montreal, anyone in Canada can call your local phone number and reach you in your London office. Your clients and teammates will save more than 60% on telephone costs.

There are no hidden charges, add more credits as you go to continue making phone calls.

Setup the VoIP softphone

Setup the phone number on any softphone or mobile app, receive calls on your computer or (ATA) analog phone adapter, you can receive calls from any location as long as there is an internet connection on your Canada telephone number. All phone numbers are compatible with IP-PBX.

The instructions are similar to set up a VoIP phone number on a softphone. Zoiper or X-lite settings are basically the same where only the username and password are required to configure the account on the SIP device or mobile app.

List of area codes in Canada provinces

British Columbia604250778236672
New Brunswick506
Newfoundland and Labrador709
Northwest Territories867
Nova Scotia902782
Prince Edward Island902782
List of area codes in Canadian provinces

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