Switch2VoIP Bria Mobile VoIP Application for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Last modified: December 27, 2018

Follow this walkthrough if you need to configure Bria Mobile VoIP software for iPhone, iPad and Android powered phones.


1. Download the Bria VoIp application from the iTunes or Android website. When the installation is finished go to the Bria icon on your phone and the software will open.

Bria VoIP Setup

2. Click on Accounts and go to SIP – Making Calls

Bria VoIP Setup

3. Enter your VoIP account SIP details as shown below and click Save.

Account Name: Switch2VoIP.us Display As: Your Name Username: Your Switch2VoIP username Password: Your Switch2VoIP password Domain: sipusa.switch2voip.us If you still don’t have an account you can Signup here: http://www.switch2voip.us/my-account/signup-now Bria VoIP Setup     4. Enable the account and click Register and the account status will change to Registered. Bria VoIP Setup     5. You can now start making calls, click Phone and start calling your friends and family. Bria VoIP Setup