Why a Call Center should comply with the FCC “Do Not Call” standards

Last modified: March 5, 2021

Why a Call Center should comply with the FCC "Do Not Call" standards

The Federal Communications Commission, also known as the FCC, is a big independent organization of the US government which was created to control and regulate communications by satellite, radio, television, wire, or cable. 

Why was the FCC created?

The FCC was solemnly created for the purpose of safety of life and possessions through the use of wire or radio communications, for all residents of the USA without any discrimination based on color, race, sex, or religion. 

The FCC has control and authority in all 50 states of the US to oversee the communications technologies which are transmitted by telephone. 

One of the FCC programs known as the Do Not Call list is to provide all USA residents and customers with protection against telemarketing calls.  Many residents do not want these calls received at home and can be protected against them with this organization.

This control of the Do Not Call list applies to telemarketing calls which in specific is a telephone call with the design to sell or purchase a good or service. 

The FCC has rules in place under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which regulate unsolicited telephone calls which include: 

– Anyone calling your home soliciting must provide you with their name, the name of the company they calling on behalf of, a telephone number, or address where they can be reached.

– Telemarketing calls to your home are prohibited before 8 am and after 9 pm.

– Telemarketers need to comply with your do-not-call request if you do request it.

Under the FCC customer protection, customers are able to add their number to the Do Not Call list, and telemarketing call centers must comply.

What is the DO NOT CALL registry or list?

The national Do Not Call list or registry is used to protect home or personal wireless phone numbers from unwanted calls. 

It is only enforced by law and applies to calls that are telemarketing, which once again means for selling or purchasing a good. 

Once you have added your home phone number or wireless number to this Do Not Call list, callers are prohibited from calling you.  If a call is made to any number on the registry or for any reason the FCC receives a complaint of a telemarketing call, the company or call center now has 31 days to stop calling you.

If a customer continues to receive telemarketing calls and they are placed in the national Do Not Call list, a complaint can then be made to the FCC against the violation of telemarketing calls. 

The FCC can impose fines or issue warning citations against the company violating the Do Not Call rules.

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