Hosted ViCIdial Auto Dialer

$250.00 / month

Hosted Vicidial

Run a telemarketing campaign with just a few agents. This hosted Auto Dialer ViCIdial allows you to run a call center with up to 25 agents.

To own a predictive dialer you do not need to pay thousands of dollars on servers and IT staff and development, rent a dialer on a Vicidial cloud server for just $250 and we will take care of the technical details so you can focus on your work.



Hosted Auto Dialer.

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    Hosted Vicidial Virtual Call Center - Cloud Auto Dialer

Monitor your Call Center agents with this rented Hosted Vicidial Auto Dialer solution:

  • Included 1 month 24/7 online Tech Support for your auto-dialer.
  • Compatible with any softphone like X-lite or Zoiper.
  • Your auto dialer is a user friendly version of VICIdial.

Increase the number of dialed phone numbers to 300% and spice your telemarketing campaigns.