Hosted VICIdial price, low cost auto dialer solution

Last modified: January 21, 2021

Virtual Call Center - Hosted Auto Dialer Vicidial

A hosted Vicidial price will always be the lowest cost and more viable solution for a virtual call center looking to implement an auto dialer, it is the fastest and easiest way to start your telemarketing campaign.

The hosted Vicidial servers are located in a data center facility that uses green energy to power this Auto-Dialer, hosted PBX and hosted IVR servers, it ensures maximum uptime so you can focus on your main business while our engineers keep your campaign running without any interruptions.

Tech support included in the package; a team of online customer support and IT tech support agents that will help you manage every aspect of your hosted Vicidial Virtual Call Center server, this will help maintain focus on the call center agents and the telemarketing campaign while Switch2VoIP’s tech support agents take care of the rest.

Normally call centers start from 5 agents and ramp up as needed while the campaign grows, the server cost is $250 per month, this means that the number of extensions, agents and calls can be increased at any time upgrading the hosted server as needed.

Requirements to setup hosted Vicidial

  • Internet bandwidth with minimum 1.5MBPS for every 20 agents.
  • One computer for every agent that will be attending the calls.
  • Agents and computer stations able to navigate to a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer for the auto-dialer admin and agent login.
  • Free PC based SoftPhone such as Xlite, Zoiper or Eyebeam.

Hosted Vicidial Dialer

There is a big difference between an auto-dialer and a predictive dialer. There are many similarities between these two kind of automatic dialers, however there is a huge advantage when using predictive dialers. Below the diferences:

Auto-Dialer vs Predictive Dialer

  • Auto dialer: Works the same way as an automatic dialer pushing the calls to the soft phones and dialing the phone numbers on your list one by one.
  • Predictive dialer: Can be more productive because you can adjust how many concurrent calls per agent would you like the dialer to make. For example you can set the number of calls per agent to four at the same time (4), meaning that in the case there are 10 agents dialing at the same time the result is going to be 40 calls, increasing the productivity in 400%. 
Virtual Hosted VICIdial, rent a dialer for a $10 per seat monthly rent on and save yourself some time and hassle, our team of tech support specialists will take care of your campaigns. Signup and start dialing.
Hosted Vicidial, Goautodial, Asterisk, Elastix

Example of predictive dialers are Vicidial and Goautodial. Asterisk and Elastix are normally used as IP-PBX to create a network of extensions and install an IVR where calls will be routed to the agents desks when the extension number is setup on the backend.

With the help of a hosted auto-dialer you will receive 99.99% system uptime and fault tolerance. The Vicidial or Goautodial auto-dialer will be setup on a server on a network that is state of the art with fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour proactive monitoring.

Voice Broadcast | Voice Blast 

Additional Auto-Dialer Service: Voice blast or voice broadcast is the concept of sending to many different people the same recorded voice message.

Voice broadcast is a similar concept as a “robocall” which most of the people are used to. Whether any political group wants to send out a recorded message, survey or call or any school or local organization delivers a message to employees or parents. There are a lot of excellent applications and uses for voice broadcast or voice blast.

Hosted Vicidial Price

Vicidial price per server installation ready to use including Full Month of Tech Support (VoIP cost not included)

Hosted Vicidial FeaturesDescriptionVicidial Price per Month
ProcessorDUO 2.8 GHz
Setup FeeNo setup fees$0.00
Monthly FeeCost for one month of hosted Vicidial server with full tech support.$250
Rented Hosted Auto Dialer

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