How to Select Codec G729 on Eyebeam

Last modified: August 13, 2021

Eyebeam is one of the Softphones that has inbuilt the codec G729 which can help you save up to 80% of your bandwidth resulting in a superior sound quality on your VoIP calls.
Below is a walktrough that shows you how to select the codec G729 on your Eyebeam:

STEP 1 Right Click on the main screen and select SETTINGS

Codec g729 xlite settings

STEP 2 Click on MEDIA

Codec g729 xlite settings step 2

STEP 3 Click on AUDIO

Codec g729 xlite settings step 3

STEP 4 Click on ADVANCED, on the right side you will see two boxes, move all the codecs to the left leaving only the codec G729 on the right side window.

Codec g729 xlite settings step 4

FINAL STEP Click on Apply and then OK and you’re all set. You will now notice a huge increment on the quality of your calls.

Additional links and information about Codec G729:

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