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Last modified: January 20, 2021

India Call Center VoIP ProviderOlympia, WA — (DIGITAL JOURNAL) PR — 06/26/2014 — Switch2VoIP introduces their team in Call Centers India VoIP industry.

Switch2VoIP now offers Call Center VoIP in India at the lowest rates. Call Centers have to strategically plan their budget when it comes to projects that involve international dialing.

In India there are hundreds of VoIP companies that are involved in international dialing to countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries, hence handling VoIP for call centers can turn out to be expensive, Switch2VoIP has been offering VoIP services for many years now at low prices and superb voice quality.

They help the businesses manage their calls at the call centers in the most effective manner. VoIP call centers in India can now save great amount of funds through VoIP than the conventional methods. For reliable and cost-effective VoIP services, there is always Switch2VoIP.

VoIP in India with Low Rates

The VoIP solutions offered by Switch2VoIP helps call centers in India reduce their operational costs. Call Centers can also make unlimited calls from dialers without having to open multiple accounts.

The company offers a prepaid billing models where call centers get to pay only for the calls they have completed from their predictive dialers or manual calling softphones. Various other services such as bulk SMS, international DIDs, virtual phone numbers and many more are available.

India SIP trunking with unlimited channels

Switch2VoIP VoIP services help call centers manage their call volumes as well as the unlimited number of channels provided in every new account. With Switch2VoIP VoIP for call centers there will be no problems with regards to communicating with clients or customers any time and to any place in the world.

International calls with VoIP and SIP trunking

VoIP is for all kinds of small businesses that deal with international customers and who have to make long distance calls. Businesses can benefit from low cost calling especially those large sized businesses that operate from various locations. Businesses can reduce their phone bills and invest the same in various other areas of businesses.

The VoIP services offered in India covers carriers, telecom companies and resellers who wish to provide phone services to local customers as lowered rates. Other extended services include bulk SMS messaging, virtual phone numbers, international DIDs, Free Service Features, Virtual Hosted VICIdial and so on. Call centers that use systems such as IP PBX, VICIDial, Asterisk, etc. can all benefit from VoIP services from Switch2VoIP.

About Switch2VoIP

Switch2VoIP team of experienced professionals is committed to providing high quality and reliable VoIP services to customers worldwide. This service provider has been successfully delivering wholesale VoIP solutions since 2007 and has a global presence is now makings its presence.

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