Mobile VoIP apps evolution and it’s uses in customer service.

Last modified: May 1, 2019

Mobile VoIP Provider

Since the invention of the telephone in the early 1900’s, the radio in late 1900’s as well as the kinetoscope around the same time, human beings are always looking for ways to stay in constant communication. It was a matter of time before the television, the personal computer and the mobile phone were fused together on what is called today the smartphone; making worldwide VoIP mobile phone subscriptions rapidly increase From 12.4 million to over 6 billion in the short time frame of 1990 to 2014.

Recent studies have discovered the growth of mobile devices in the communities that wish to be in constant communication and interaction with the rest of the world, having noted that the ownership of smartphones have increased from a 15% to a 46% on the past 10 years.

80% of the smartphone users are using their mobile internet to access their social media accounts while only 15% of the people with an active internet connection are using VoIP apps to save money on their calls using their VoIP provider for Mobile Phones

It is evident that the mobile devices have become a must have among the mobile device’s users, where we currently use the mobile smart phone as replacement for many other gadgets that were once the center of our attention.

I remember when I got my first mobile phone, it was a tiny Nokia with polyphonic sounds and some games, where I was only 16 years old. However now a days I see 8 year olds with cellphones; it is estimated by researchers that the average age for the first cell phone is 13. This will make an assured sale of at least 2 billion smart phones in the year 2014.

Best Mobile Apps

The smartphones have given room for application developers to create an app with a certain function that will help the users with something that we need, where in only 50 days the ‘Drawing app’ has reached 50 million users. This fast growth has happened thanks to the internet (mid 1980’s) and the well-developed telecommunications systems.

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Compared to how long it took the television to reach 50 million users (which was 13 years), the internet reached this number in only 4 years.

Due to the social networks, smartphones are even more indispensable for the users who keep their close ones and their interested up to speed through their mobile devices. 50% of the regular mobile user has the smartphone as a primary window to go online, using over 6 apps throughout a 30-day period.


How does smartphones consumption affects customer service? 

The Nielsen Company released its 2013 mobile report, giving amazing insights about mobile and smartphone data usage. Several statements inform us in how the average user consumes data on his/her phone, making Social Media, Text Messaging and Email Checking the most popular apps or tasks. This consumer behavior makes the mobile device, the next media and advertising target. Considering that users work at least 8 hours a day and sleep over 6 hours a day; Flurry analytics confirms that smartphone’s users spend minimum 2 hours a day using apps.

Over the years, due to the phenomenon of Globalization, companies use less and less customer service resources; trying to serve themselves from technology, seeking for the staffing cuts lower costs that comes from IVR answering systems or simply because of customer’s feedbacks regarding to their past customer service representatives.

Customers do not appreciate IVR systems, because of how broad, slow and inaccurate they can be. However, we have all learned to go to the supporting forums and read, seeking for the answers we look for. We always go for the reviews about a certain product and we teach each other throughout our personal experience, which is a wonderful thing.

However, the implementation of customer service chatting in the past five years it’s a potential solution to people’s unique problem solving. Most people will actually feel comfortable chatting with a representative, instead of talking to them, but still having a dedicated and personalized human helping them with their needs. So it’s not a bad move, to have representatives constantly chatting with the customers and being able to assist multiple conversations at the same time, I think is great. The only thing that companies need to remember is that the customer service shall not rest; there should always be someone taking care of any inquiries, questions or issues.