New Settings for Vicidial and Goautodial, new server IP and more.

Last modified: November 13, 2020

Vicidial SIP Trunk Configuration

Say hello to our new server, please notice the IP has changed

Our new server IP is:

Please read only if you are having issues configuring your account on Vicidial, Goautodial or if the calls are failing from your PBX. Contact our Online Live Support if your calls are not completing.

Here are the instructions to setup the Carrier Settings in Vicidial:

Vicidial settings digest authentication username password

Step by Step video instructions for the configuration of the Carrier Settings on Vicidial using your SIP Trunk VoIP account with the username/password combination often called “Digest Authentication”, we offer this instructions to configure the carrier settings on Vicidial taking into consideration that you have already enabled security on your server.

Please note that we recommend IP Authentication for your Vicidial and Goautodial Carrier Settings because it will provide the security you need against Brute Force Vicidial hackings.

There has been an update on My Account page, the dashboard was updated to the latest version 6.0 which will also improve the quality of the VoIP calls on all the accounts that were migrated to the new version, this migration was performed in order to provide all the Switch2VoIP users with the same improvements on the voice quality.

Improvements on ‘My Account’ and the speed when browsing your balance and Calls History.

Our dashboard has undergone a minor upgrade to improve its usability and there was a bug fixed on the Change CallerID and Authorize IP fields. Visit the Instructions to setup Vicidial if you are changing to IP authentication.

Switch2VoIP My Account Dashboard

If your calls have beed affected by the migration to the latest version (6.0) just reach us as soon as you can and our Live agents will provide remote support to help you make the changes on your Carrier settings.

Our help is 100% free for settings and configurations on your devices, contact our Live Chat Agents for remote assistance if your calls are failing.

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