Nokia VoIP Symbian SIP Setup VoIP Settings Configuration

Last modified: January 28, 2021

The Nokia VoIP phones N series with SIP capabilities using the Symbian platform was a mobile operating system designed for smartphones was discontinued on May 2014. The website and the brand Symbian was originally developed in 1998 as a proprietary OS software for PDAs. Symbian Ltd. consortium was founded on 1998.

Configure your Nokia VoIP Symbian phone with a VoIP provider to make phone calls from your mobile while saving money on local long distance, Switch2VoIP offers low cost calling to the USA under 1 cent per minute. You can login to the VoIP account here.

Download Symbian software for Nokia VoIP

You can see a list of VoIP supported mobile devices in the Nokia Website (deprecated.

Start by downloading the free Symbian Nokia VoIP application from the Nokia website and you will get the latest software available for your equipment.

Extract and install the SIS file using the Nokia Suite software on your computer or handset.

When the installation is complete you will see the “SIP VoIP Settings” application under the Applications, you will need it on the STEP 5 of this tutorial in order to enable better voice quality.

Nokia VoIP Symbian settings

Step 1: Tools

  • Tap on Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings.
  • Select Options > New SIP Profile > create a profile;
  • Profile Name: Switch2VoIP
  • Profile: IETF default
  • Access point: Your network WLAN wireless access point name.
  • Public user name:, replace XXXXXXXX with the username.
  • Use Compression: No
  • Registration: “Always on “
  • Use Security: No
Nokia VoIP Symbian settings
Nokia VoIP Symbian settings

Step 2: Proxy server

Proxy Server Address: none

Registrar Server:none

Realm: none

User Name: none

Step 3: VoIP credentials

Enter the following for Registrar Server settings

Registrar Server:


Password: Enter your Switch2VoIP password

Transport Type: UDP

Port: 5060

Step 4: SIP Profile

Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet Tel. Settings (If you cannot find it check Settings > Connectivity > Admin Settings ? Net Settings)

Create a new profile for “switch2voip”(XXXXXXXX), name it “switch2voip”

Choose switch2VoIP as the preferred profile

Step 5: Improve voice quality

For better voice quality or in order to be able to make VoIP calls over 3G internet connection you need to use Nokia SIP VoIP Application you installed.

Go to Applications on your phone and click on “SIP VoIP Settings” application. Choose VoIP services/Switch2Voip (or the name of your Switch2Voip account Internet profile.)

Click on “Profile Settings” and find “Allow VoIP over WCDMA” option and change it to “ON” This change allows VoIP over 3G connection on Nokia phones.

For better voice quality go to Codecs and delete all codecs except G729. There should be only G729 codec left under codecs settings.

Step 6: Final step

Reboot your phone. Once your phone is back on it will automatically register to Switch2VoIP.

Once it is registered you can start making calls.

Default call type: To switch between normal GSM calls or VOIP calls, navigate to Tools > Settings > Call > Default call type. Select Cellular to make normal calls to the phone number or Internet to use VoIP to call the number or address

Make Calls!

To dial any phone number that is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

1 + Area Code + Phone number

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