Philippines: Top Call Center Destinations In The World

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Call center voip philippines sip trunking

India remained the top call center destination until in 2011 when the Philippines became the true top destination on the VoIP call center industry. What makes the Philippines now the top call center destination in the world? Communication skills and business interest.

SIP Trunking for Call Centers in the Philippines has become the ultimate telecommunications resource. VoIP is the cheapest form of telecommunication and save the Call Centers having to pay a long distance company lots of money on long distance calls.

Call centers make both outbound and incoming calls for major companies. The calls are received for customer service and sale services. These call centers need space and space is plentiful in the Philippines. So is the work force needed to fill these call centers.

One specific circumstance that has increased the Philippines calling destination is English communication skills. The English language is readily spoken in the Philippines. Therefore, the callers /customers can understand the call center operators.

In addition to grammatical skills the VoIP Philippines business industry continues to grow. Global companies and more calling centers are looking toward working with the Philippines corporate decision makers and the government. Both of these entities want their nation to grow and create more jobs.

Call centers also make use of unlimited channels SIP trunking. This simply means that you can have all the extensions you want and all the agents connected to one single account. SIP accounts works overlaying the data and the voice allowing them to work together in the operators’ computer. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) also eliminates the cost of phones and computer equipment both by just using computers.

Asterisk SIP trunking is a box or a relay box connected to the operators system. The Asterisk PBX box allows the system to receive the incoming calls and the outgoing calls.

Unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP Trunk. This concept means is that the call center can make and receive an unlimited number of calls using only one SIP Trunking account. The call center will only have to pay the minute cost for multiple operators to use.

Some of these kinds of services charge prices under, 1 cent per minute. The 1 cent per minute plans are very popular with all the call centers. In fact many of the plans use 0.008 per minute to the USA, and 0.008 cents per minute to the United Kingdom. Some plans even go as low as 0.005 per minute to Canada.

International Virtual Phone Numbers are used by the call centers to allow call centers to always receive calls from customers’. No Matter where in the world a call comes from it will be routed to the virtual phone number.

Pre-paid VoIP billing as you go is sometimes a service that is sold by the call centers. This service is very popular now days. The call centers cold call or receive calls from customers wanting to purchase the pre-paid billing as you go services. The call center themselves us the prepaid billing services.

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