Philippines VoIP providers on the world top call center destination

Last modified: April 6, 2021

Philippines VoIP

Other countries in Asia remained for a long time on the top of the preferred call center destinations of the world until 2011 Philippines was exposed by the call center magazine writing an article explaining the reasons for a revolution in the Philippines VoIP call center industry.

What makes the Philippines now the top call center destination in the world? Communication skills, business interests, and great VoIP providers.

SIP Trunking for Call Centers in the Philippines became the ultimate telecommunications resource. VoIP is the cheapest form of telecommunication and saves the call centers having to pay a Philippines VoIP provider lots of money on long-distance calls.

Call centers in the Philippines make and receive both outbound and inbound calls for major companies in the US, handling their sales and customer support. These call centers need qualified trained customer care agents and there are plenty in the Philippines VoIP call center industry, there is the workforce needed to fill these call centers.

One specific circumstance that made the Philippines a preferred call center destination is their agent’s English communication skills. The English language is readily spoken in the Philippines. Therefore, the callers and their customers can understand each other perfectly when using Philippines VoIP providers with great quality voice quality.

In addition to grammatical skills, the Philippines VoIP business industry continues to grow. Global companies and more calling centers are looking toward working with the Philippines corporate decision-makers and the government. This LATimes story explains call centers and Philippines VoIP providers economic growth creates more jobs.

Philippines VoIP and SIP trunking use

Call center VoIP Philippines SIP Trunking
Philippines VoIP SIP trunking

Call centers also make use of unlimited channels SIP trunking from Philippines VoIP providers. This simply means the call center can have all the extensions they need and all the agents connected to one single SIP account. SIP accounts work overlaying the data and voice allowing them to work together in the operator’s computer. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) also eliminates the cost of phones and computer equipment both by just using computers.

Asterisk SIP trunking is a relay box that connects the server to the agent’s devices. The Asterisk IP-PBX box allows the system to receive the incoming calls and the outgoing calls and route them to the agent extension.

Philippines SIP trunking with Unlimited VoIP channels

The SIP trunking provider with “unlimited channels” concept means that the call center can make and receive an unlimited number of concurrent calls using only one SIP trunking account. The call center will only have to pay the minute cost from multiple operators’ use.

Some VoIP service providers in the Philippines charge prices under 1 cent per minute. The 1 cent per minute rate is very popular with all the call centers. Switch2VoIP rates are 0.008 per minute to the USA, 0.008 cents per minute to the United Kingdom, and as low as 0.005 per minute to Canada which is half a cent per minute.

International VoIP Phone Numbers are used by the call centers in the Philippines to receive calls from offshore customers. No matter where in the world a call comes from it will be routed to the VoIP phone number.

Prepaid Philippines VoIP

Pre-paid VoIP or pay as you go are preferred payment modalities of most of the Philippines VoIP call centers. This top-up method of recharging VoIP accounts is very popular nowadays.

With the prepaid method, all VoIP rates are charged per minute or fraction of the minute in increments of 6 seconds.

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