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Last modified: March 5, 2021

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Olympia, WA — (SBWIRE) — 11/1/2013 — Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is an advanced form of technology that has improved the means of communication. VoIP can help save a substantial amount of money, as compared to traditional telephone calls over long distances. Switch2VoIP is aimed at providing highly reliable and affordable VoIP services to customers at affordable as well as competitive rates.

The extended services of Switch2VoIP cover VoIP for Call Centers, A-Z VoIP termination, bulk SMS messaging, virtual phone numbers, international DIDs, VoIP for Asterisk, VicidiaNow, ViciBox, Goautodial and so on. In addition, USA virtual phone numbers, Vicidial, VoIP for business and many other free service features are also included.

News: Affordable and Reliable, Quality VoIP Services from Switch2VoIPCall centers and all types of businesses can rely on the advanced and innovative service offerings of Switch2VoIP. This company delivers good quality support to clients by utilizing only premium and white routes. All service seekers can now reduce their operational costs effectively without compromising the quality of VoIP services through Switch2VoIP.

The professional and well-trained support team from this company guarantees to assist clients 24/7, without any hassle. The website features a list, which contains the rates of VoIP services offered by Switch2VoIP, for every country.

One of the clients of Switch2VoIP says, “After being with more than five VoIP providers, Switch2VoIP has shown me that it is possible to run a company with great quality and excellent customer service. Thanks for the support.”

All these services ensure that customers get fully connected with the world for communication purposes. Residential customers, large businesses and call centers from over 55 countries are said to be utilizing the facilities of Switch2VoIP for several years. This service provider guarantees to meet almost all the demands of diverse customers through perfectly strategized solutions and techniques.

“Switch2VoIP employs some of the top industry experts in VoIP and network engineering so you can be rest assured you are working with knowledgeable people who can work efficiently to solve your problems.”

Prospective customers can obtain more details on the price and quality of services delivered via the website All VoIP solutions and facilities delivered by Switch2VoIP are of premier standards and levels to ensure profitability, reliability, affordability and accuracy. Furthermore, clients from Australia, Canada, UK and USA are offered High Volume Call Center Traffic support.

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Switch2VoIP team of experienced professionals is committed to providing high quality and reliable VoIP services to customers worldwide. This service provider has been successfully delivering wholesale VoIP solutions since 2007.

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