Setup your CallerID on X-Lite, Zoiper free Softphone

Last modified: April 9, 2021

In this article we would like to explain how to setup the CallerID on Zoiper, X-Lite and Eyebeam softphone or it’s new Bria version.

Sometimes you want your callee to see your business phone number when you call them. You can use the same concept for any softphone like Eyebeam Bria or X-Lite and the CallerID will display perfectly.

How to setup your CallerID, step by step instructions

Open your Xlite/Eyebeam or Zoiper soft-phone within the “Account Settings” tab fill in the fields as explained below:

xlite settings username
  1. First go to the Dashboard: You will find the Username for Xlite/Eyebeam/Zoiper on the upper right side. 
  2. Display Name: Enter your Agent’s Name in this field or leave Empty.
  3. Username: The username field is also used to input the CallerID. Enter your Switch2VoIP Username here or if you want to display your CallerID enter your phone number here.
  4. Password: Enter your SIP Password here.
  5. Authorization user name: Enter your Switch2VoIP username Again here
  6. Domain: (ask tech support for the updated IP if needed)

CallerID settings for X-Lite, Zoiper and Eyebeam softphone

If you are still having issues setting up the CallerID, open a ticket on the support area or contact our chat support for help with the X-Lite settings.

Xlite and Eyebeam CallerID Setup

Download and configure your Free X-Lite soft-phone

X-Lite is a free soft-phone distributed by Counterpath.

When X-Lite is compared to it’s commercial version “Eyebeam” there are 2 main differences when both soft-phones are compared and it is basically the fact that X-Lite only accepts one (1) SIP account to be configured per each softphone.

On the other hand Eyebeam commercial version allows unlimited SIP accounts to be setup and configured on each softphone, in fact the call center agents only need one account to receive calls on their extension.

A downside of X-Lite is that premium audio codecs are not available in this free softphone version. While X-Lite has many audio codecs installed by default, the premium audio codec G729 is not offered.

In case the internet bandwidth is low on the call center end and it demands more internet power the codec G729 comes handy because it compresses the audio to 8kbps saving huge amount of bandwidth.

If you still don’t have a softphone to start making VoIP calls you can start by downloading X-Lite softphone here.


Switch2VoIP Call Center VoIP Provider, based at Olympia, Washington provides call center VoIP and Toll Free services for a wide number of contact centers worldwide.

Best Softphone settings and configurations

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