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Last modified: May 1, 2019

SIP Trunk Provider

SIP Trunk Provider

Switch2VoIP provides SIP Trunking VoIP services to a large number of business and call centers always ensuring top levels of uptime and support to our valued customers.

“With unbeatable VoIP rates under 1 cent per minute (0.008 to USA and United Kingdom and 0.005 to Canada) and the perfect quality of our telephone service you don’t need to look for another SIP Trunk provider anymore.”

“Our excellent Customer Service and Free Technical Support will take care of you and your Auto Dialer or Asterisk PBX and setup everything for you at no extra cost, let our Online Live support agents take care of all your software configuration FREE of cost.”

We take great pride in the ability to offer and deliver dependable and consistent results in this fast paced demanding environment.

Unlimited SIP Trunk Channels or Ports

Running a Call Centre is sometimes quite difficult because your PBX or Predictive dialer has certain requirements; it is not easy to find a VoIP service provider that comprehends or understands your demand and provides the number of channels (ports) you want for the number of calls per second you make.

With Switch2VoIP this is not at all a problem, we gladly receive all your call volume. We can handle whatever number of ports you need on your SIP Trunking account in order to make the concurrent VoIP calls you want.

Switch2VoIP has dedicated servers especially for call center traffic to ensure your call needs are met. These servers are set up to handle thousands of calls per second. We are compatible with all Asterisk based platforms such as Vicidial, ViciBox, VicidialNow, Goautodial, Elastix, etc. It has also been tested in FreeSwitch and demonstrated to deliver optimal results.

This is why we have opted to provide a SIP Trunk service with no limitation on the number of ports, so there is no need to charge per ports used, we just think it’s not fair.

Switch2VoIP supports high-volume call center traffic to Unoted States, England, Canada and Australia. Let us know what your chosen or preferred calling destinations are and we will give you the best prices possible to your volume and needs.


Switch2VoIP offers valuable features such as:

○ Premium route (Worldwide) A – Z VoIP Termination, Switch2VoIP voice quality is so perfect you will never be disappointed.

○ Free USA VoIP Phone Number with every VoIP account.

Prepaid VoIP billing that provides you flexibility on your payments without any contracts or commitments.

○ Access your VoIP billing portal and add balance to your account online with your Credit Card or PayPal

○ Wholesale VoIP rates without needing to buy a big amount

○ 24/7 Free IT tech support and customer service

○ Your IP-PBX or Virtual Call Center is compatible with our SIP Trunk service.


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