SIP Trunking Service For Business Call Centers

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Sip trunking service for focuses on SIP Trunking Service For Business Call Centers quality VoIP services to help your company Grow in your own field. offers SIP Trunking for Call Centers and in addition to offering the best business VoIP service and being Call Center VoIP provider, Switch2VoIP is a 800 number “Toll Free Numbers” providers as well. This means help businesses save a lot on their phone calls by providing VoIP services of the highest quality. Businesses that opt to use these SIP Trunking services can have direct routes to United States and United Kingdom at as low a rate as 0.008 per minute (under 1 cent per minute).

Further, while offers SIP trunking for business and call centers, the company ensures 100% reliability. More particularly, uptime is very important for call centers and hence, they focus on this aspect while managing the VoIP needs of call centers.

This means that companies including such call centers can concentrate on their core business without any distractions or concerns.

Virtual Hosted VICIdial, GoAutoDial, Trixbox, Asterisk

Switch2VoIP points out that a Hosted Predictive Dialer will give users optimum comforts and features so that they need not bear the ownership costs and the costs involved in maintenance. Simply put, they can have a perfect solution that can fulfill their requirements. Not only that, Virtual VICIdial increases the productivity of call centers and at the same time, it reduces their start-up costs also.

VoIP to fulfill the needs of business, call centers and auto-dialers adds that they have gained rich experience by catering to the VoIP needs of a number of call centers and contact centers and have been providing optimum levels of uptime and support. They take pride in pointing out that they are capable of delivering consistent results even in a demanding environment.

VoiP For Business

They add that they allow their VoiP clients to access their premium digital voice solutions that will help them reduce their long-distance bills to the extent of even up to 65%. The solutions they provide will help the clients make internal calls also free of charge.

Track Records proudly says that they have been offering SIP trunking for call centers since 2006 and that their customers are spread in as many as in 55 countries. Further, their clients include not only call centers but large businesss and residential VoIP customers as well. They further assert that their VoIP solutions help in managing billions of calls every year and these solutions come with 99.999% accuracy.

In short, it is their focus on customer service and on providing optimum and accurate solutions for the call center needs of their clients that has helped them sustain and grow in this business since 2006.

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