SIP Trunking With Unlimited Channels For Businesses Worldwide

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Sip trunking with unlimited channelsUnlimited Channels/Ports SIP Trunking is the chance for worldwide companies to take back control of their business and their phone service from a phone company provider or any Internet Telephony Service Provider. The VoIP technology costs you less, keeps you in control of your phone bill, and keeps you in contact with your customers and staff.

No setup fees and no monthly fees, SIP trunking allows you to combine phone and any visual presentation program into one package. You can put your best show on and your best foot forward with any customer or potential customer anywhere for prices under 1 cent per minute (0.008) within USA. You just may never have to send a salesman on a flight again. Think of the savings this could mean to your business.

You get unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP trunk that means you can have hundreds of agents making concurrent calls at the same time. There are no roundings and you will pay only for the seconds you talk, start saving and making calls at $0.008 per minute to the USA, $0.008 per minute to the United Kingdom, or $0.005 per minute to Canada (half a penny). No phone company can touch these prices.

What is Unlimited Ports/Channels SIP Trunking?

Unlimited channels/ports SIP trunking means you do not have add channels as your business expands. It also means that you only pay for the seconds you talk, try Switch2Voip’s VoIP SIP Trunks out and prove to yourself that it really does save you money in phone costs, travel costs, and improves sales efficiency before you go worldwide with the system.

You get a United Kingdom virtual VoIP phone number for just $9 per month. No land phone company can touch this price and even the stingiest Internet phone companies are hard pressed to match $5 a month. Theses phone numbers are international virtual DID’s. This means global access through the Internet with access when you want it and where you want it because the system goes on every phone and computer your business uses.

Asterisk SIP Trunking means you can make calls across the globe with as many people as you need using a PBX. Configure your VoIP account into a new Trunk on your Asterisk and make calls at a fraction of the cost. This is world class VoIP calling that costs pennies.

Payment is made as simple as possible, some people call it prepaid billing and others call it “pay as you go”, pay-as-you-go means that you recharge your VoIP balance and only pay for what you use, you will not have to pay the fees that phone companies always like to stick you with.

Faster and more accurate customer support, low cost worldwide calling, an unlimited number of access points through phones and computers, the ability to manage worldwide sales like you never could before, and a cost savings that is unbeatable are the reason you need SIP trunking with unlimited channels for your business.


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