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Sip Trunking for Call Centers

Last modified: May 1, 2019

SIP Trunking for Call Centers

Asterisk SIP Trunking is a VoIP (“Voice Over Internet Protocol,” an online system that allows internet calls to take place) service that connects one’s asterisk phone system to their PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network.

This is typically used by businesses around the world, but especially in the USA. “SIP” stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is, of course, a way in which voice calls or video calls are initiated on the internet IP address.

Why would someone want to engage in SIP Trunking? For the same reasons one might want to use any other form of VoIP: Convenience, accessibility and price. Internet based calls are often very convenient and affordable, and can be done anywhere there is an Internet connection. In fact, VoIP services can be cheaper for businesses than conventional calling options.

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