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VoIP for Asterisk

Last modified: May 2, 2019

Voip for Asterisk

The Asterisk VoIP SIP Trunking service provider with the same or even better reliability and quality when compared to the local telephone companies within the United States. Switch2VoIP offers superior Asterisk VoIP services without any setup fees, minimum payments, call volume and without monthly fees.


Key features for Asterisk users

  1. Switch2VoIP offers pre-paid billing and no contracts which gives our clients the option to control their telephone bill.
  2. Unlimited Channels/Ports, every account has unlimited outbound and inbound channels, so you can increment the number of agents on your business or call center and we will not charge per additional channels/ports.
  3. Virtual Asterisk IP PBX/ Virtual Hosted Auto-Dialer, make and answer calls from any location. Give any one of your employees a VoIP phone number that they can answer from their office, home or mobile phone.

You can try with only $5 to Signup for a VoIP account for your Asterisk server.

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