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Hosted Call Center Dialer at $110 per Seat

Last modified: August 13, 2020

Virtual Hosted Dialer

A Virtual Call Center is the perfect solution! It gives you the same features and convenience without ownership cost and maintenance!

Virtual VICIdial boosts and increases the production of Cloud Call Centers while lowering start-up costs.

Switch2Voip Hosted Predictive Dialer is a Call Center solution with a guaranteed 99% uptime. Cloud dialing is a reasonable option over having an In-House server.

You can even start with 1 agent and ramp up as you need. Every dialing server is capable of handling around 80 outbound agents on 3:1 dialing ratio along with full recording, or more than 120 inbound agents with 2:1 dialing ratio. Servers could be combined together for increasing and growing capacity, easily for more than 100 seats.

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