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Nokia VoIP Symbian SIP Setup VoIP Settings Configuration

Last modified: January 28, 2021

Nokia voip symbian settings

The Nokia VoIP phones N series with SIP capabilities using the Symbian platform was a mobile operating system designed for smartphones was discontinued on May 2014. The website symbian.org and the brand Symbian was originally developed in 1998 as a proprietary OS software for PDAs. Symbian Ltd. consortium was founded on 1998.

Configure your Nokia VoIP Symbian phone with a VoIP provider to make phone calls from your mobile while saving money on local long distance, Switch2VoIP offers low cost calling to the USA under 1 cent per minute. You can login to the VoIP account here.

Download Symbian software for Nokia VoIP

You can see a list of VoIP supported mobile devices in the Nokia Website (deprecated.

Start by downloading the free Symbian Nokia VoIP application from the Nokia website and you will get the latest software available for your equipment.

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