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United States and Canada Virtual Phone Number

Last modified: November 14, 2020

United States phone number "DID"

Friends and family overseas can call you for the price of a local call.

Switch2VoIP offers virtual phone numbers for Vicidial and PBX in cities over 40 countries.

Select a DID from a city or town of your choice where your customers, family or friends live, they will be making a local call and will not have to pay a cent.

Let’s say you live in London and you want to buy a virtual phone number from New York, anyone in the United States can call your local New York phone number and reach you in your London office. Your customers will save a fortune!

When your friends and family call your Switch2VoIP virtual phone number, you will receive the call in your computer or analog phone adapter (ATA), you can receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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