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Switch2Voip offers VoIP Service for Hotels

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Voip for hotels

The importance of acquiring high quality VoIP telephone services has increased immensely over the past couple of years. Hotel VoIP service is being provided by a lot of companies these days but in order to find the best one, an adequate amount of research must be done.

Switch2Voip is one of the top notch providers of hotel VoIP as well as toll free numbers. The company also offers VoIP and toll free for a wide range of different kinds of businesses and most recently, it has started providing the service for hotels.

The main reason for switching over to VoIP is the fact that it enables many high end businesses to save a massive amount of money in the matter of phone calls that can otherwise cost a fortune sometimes. The Prepaid VoIP at 0.008 (under 1 cent) to USA as well as for United Kingdom,

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Crystal Clear VoIP for Hotels

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Voip for hotels

Our targeted service VoIP for Hotels provides two definite advantages for chain hotels that are in a given region of a country and for hospitality providers that have operations all over the world.

These advantages are clear, timely, and consistent communication between each site so that everyone is working on the same page. The second advantage is that hotels can offer an extra amenity to your guests that make you stand out above the rest of your competition for service.

Unlimited channels SIP trunking means that you have a truly unlimited number of phone lines for your hotel or hotels no matter where they are located. Unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP trunk allows you to send voice, text, data, and do international conference calling. Asterisk SIP trunking lets you add any person to the meeting or conversation by simply hitting the asterisk button and that person’s or group’s identity code.

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