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6 Common mistakes that have been dragging your VoIP CallCenter down

Last modified: August 11, 2020

VoIP Call Centers Tips and Advises

6 Common Mistakes that are Dragging Your VoIP CallCenter Down

Making mistakes in the office or VoIP CallCenter are sometimes bound to happen, but sometimes the are very serious ones and can cause you to pay more than you ever imagined.

This happens mostly in CallCenters where the motto is No Room for Error.

Depending on the mistakes made in the business, there could be a way out of it one way or another and that’s the good part.

In many occasions though, some mistakes NEED to be avoided because they do not offer any rectification or a way out of it.

For such serious mistakes it is best to follow a procedure or process and practice the best way to understand the root of the error made, and start strategies needed to avoid ongoing errors or mistakes.

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How to setup your Trunk on VOIPSWITCH

Last modified: May 8, 2020

How to setup your VoIP account on VOIPSWITCH

The example below shows you an example of how to populate the fields on VoIPSwitch to configure your Switch2VoIP account as a trunk.

  1. Go to GK/Registrar
  2. On description write Switch2VoIP
  3. On Host put our IP
  4. Port 5060
  5. On parameters you should select Registrar if you want to authenticate with the username and password provided by Switch2VoIP when you’ve opened your account.
  6. Write down your username and password, on Domain user you should put your username.
  7. The domain is:

Now you are good to go and start making calls.

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