Toll Free Numbers, great opportunity for new, fast growing businesses.

Last modified: January 16, 2021

How a toll free number can help my business Remember those times when it was a luxury to hear your company name in a 1-800 number. Toll free numbers came along as a solution for companies that didn’t feel a potential client or customer should be penalized for calling and finding out more about their businesses. So this process started in the 1960’s and it has evolved from that initial proposal. There are dedicated companies like Switch2VoIP that invest their time into developing a service that fits every business’ needs by bringing together affordability, flexibility and 24 hours support. The Toll free number not only gives prestige and a classic look to a business; it also brings that professional ambient into business doing while personalizing your marketing experience as a small, medium, large business owner with your target audience.

This is the luxury that we mentioned earlier; that only big corporations had for many years. This luxury is now brought to your door, made easy. Why? Because using the toll free forwarding feature this Toll Free numbers can be forwarded to any existing phone number anywhere in the world and even a cellphone so you can answer your customer calls anywhere you are and anytime.


Why is it important to have toll free numbers?

Having International toll free numbers is as important as branding your business name. As you create a business name, license with copyright any sensitive information, register a trademark, create an email, create a website, you must also create a personalized phone number that gives you the ability spell your business’ name to the future client one more time. It’s just another opportunity to remind the commercial world about your brand and inviting the customers to trust you.

If you are not constantly promoting your brand, people forget about it and toll free numbers are exactly that, an opportunity to promote your business and remind everyone that callers are welcome and well appreciated. Did you try travelling and calling back home from your wireless service? It’s ridiculously expensive. How great it is to have this great deal with Switch2VoIP for a business (which is always more expensive). Stop having a random number for your business and take control now of your branding and your image portrayed to your future clients.


What are the benefits of acquiring Toll free numbers?

First: Toll free numbers brings your potential customers closer. As you break the borders between countries, you help your services reach even more audience.

Second: Whether your company operates only in USA or has a Business to Business relationship with international customers, Toll free numbers are always great for branding, because it will allow your growing business to remind the customers one more time that your company is engaged and active. It will also help them learn with less tries.

Third: With the globalization, businesses can have callers from Asia, Europe, and Latin America, to export their goods and even their services. Why not think out of the box and realize that even if your business is fairly new, now you have the opportunity to gain customers where you less expected.

Fourth: Affordability, flexibility and 24 hours support.