United Kingdom Call Center Voip Provider

Last modified: January 14, 2021

United kingdom call center voip providerIf you are a business owner or a call center manager tired of paying ridiculously high rates and add on fees for telephone service with unlimited multiple calling and conferencing capability then this is your chance to save yourself some money and get better phone service with Switch2Voip Call Center SIP Trunking.

Switch2Voip features a United Kingdom virtual phone number for just $5 per month with phone charges that are less than one cent per minute. Calls cost 0.008 per minute to the United Kingdom, 0.005 per minute to Canada, and 0.008 per minute to the USA (prices are in USD).

No regular phone company can beat these prices regardless of the number of phones you have bought from the company or the deal you made for a large number of lines.

This is a must have service for business. You save money with unlimited sip trunks while enjoying the flexibility of conference calling, PBX capabilities, multiple calls calling with unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP trunk. This means you do not pay more for more users.

We also provide Call Center SIP trunking service that makes switching modes in communication as easy as pushing the asterisk button. International virtual DID’s provide you with an unlimited number of phone lines from and to anywhere in the world.

Switch2Voip provides the easiest pay plan which is prepaid billing (pay as you go billing).

Just take a look at what you are presently paying for phones. You need to include regular office phones, any smart phones, and all ads that you market on cell phones. Count up all the costs. If you are like most businesses you are spending a small fortune on phone service that is absolutely unnecessary. The costs get even higher when you have international sales centers or multiple plants or stores in Britain or across the globe.

Now, consider the savings that you can have by having an integrated phone system that costs less than $5 per month. Paying for travel for conferences will become a thing of the past because any number of people can come to a virtual meeting on the phone and communicate in every way they would or could in person.

This system is ideal for call centers and companies that must make a huge number of calls to acquire new customers and communicate with existing clients.

You might even consider connecting your most valued and profitable customers with your system because you can instantly communicate new product ideas and pricing changes with the people that are your bread and butter.

United Kingdom virtual phone number for just $5 per month, prices under 1 cent per minute, and unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP Trunk beats any phone service you presently use for price and versatility.


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