Automate your Virtual Call Center with VICIdial

Last modified: May 1, 2019

Vicidial Virtual Call Center

We integrate all the right tools so you get the best call center VoIP solutions!

VICIdial is a Virtual Call Center open-source software that helps VoIP call centers with the autodial features; subjected to the free AGPLv2 license, which brings the users freedom to cover just the cost of software’s integration and sales or representative agents. VICIdial is defined by their own developers as “A feature that will host an interaction between the Asterisk Open-Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and the outbound/inbound calls”. The PBX is lately tending to transmit calls over the Internet Protocol, which makes it become an IP.

Goautodial, another user friendly software, helps the VoIP call centers give their agents a solution with their automated predictive dialing and their time constraints during any given campaign. In addition, VICIdial is a Linux operating system based PBX using MySQL as its database server.

As a PBX system VICIdial does the job and goes beyond expectation, making your VoIP Call Center host a very effective predictive dialer to support any campaign that you might be on, at the moment.

How VICIdial works?

Your remote representative just logs into the Virtual Call Center server and VICIdial or Goautodial will start making hundreds of calls and routing the answered ones to your agent’s softphone, once a connection is established. These softwares are very effective for monitoring effectiveness of a sales team by timing them in real action.

VICIdial features great call center VoIP solutions as:

‘Speed throughout the campaign; due to the ability for VICIdial to host autodial outbound calls and instantly connect them with a live agent as they are answered.’

‘Integrated call recording; which can be performed with inbound and outbound traffic for better customer service monitoring and it will be archived onto an external FTP server.’

‘Script display; making it more comfortable for the agent to read during the call with access to already filled fields like name, address, subject, among other relevant elements.’

There are many features that just make VICIdial a great tool for all VoIP call centers. We will continue on listing here at Switch2VoIP any other attributes that just add value to our call center VoIP solution. Our system integrates and works flawlessly with any of these predictive dialers that your VoIP call center might install.

The only fee you will have to incur would be your sales or call center representatives and your affordable VoIP account through Switch2VoIP.