Last modified: January 22, 2021

Vicidial predictive dialer for call centers

Any company that wants to build a Contact Centre without hiring an external provider to manage the PBX, IVR or automated outbound calls can use Vicidial for inbound or outbound calls.

What is Vicidial?

Vicidial is an open source contact center software based on Asterisk with PBX and predictive calling capabilities. Handles incoming and outgoing calls, incoming email and web site chat support. Provides many benefits when installed on the cloud as hosted auto dialer.

Table of contents

  1. Who uses Vicidial?
  2. What is Vicidial?
  3. Information about Vicidial
  4. Vicidial features
    1. Predictive Dialing
    2. Telemarketing Software
    3. Software for Call Centre
  5. Important information related to Vicidial
    1. How to configure SIP trunk on Vicidial Carrier Settings
    2. Was your Vicidial hacked

Information about Vicidial

Owner: Vicidial Group
Founded: 2007

Vicidial Features

Predictive Dialing

– FCC Compliance list management
– FTC Compliance call recording
– Call forwarding
– Campaign-specific caller ID
– Campaign management
– Call scheduling
– Leads management
– Call monitoring

Telemarketing Software

– Incoming call center
– Outgoing call center
– Distribution of potential customers
– Call routing
– Call recording
– Call text recording
– Automatic dialer
– IVR and voice recognition Call log

Software for Call Centre

Incoming calls
Outgoing calls
Chat in real time
Calls reporting / Analysis
Campaign management
Queue management
Call recording
Call text recording
Manual dialing
Predictive marker
Call log
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Progressive dialing system

Vicidial allows your agents to handle inbound and outbound phone calls, inbound email and website chat, all in the same web-based graphical interface available from a browser.

  1. How to configure SIP trunk on Vicidial Carrier Settings
  2. Was your Vicidial hacked?
Virtual call center - hosted auto dialer vicidial

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