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Last modified: January 29, 2021

Virtual call center - hosted auto dialer vicidial

Installing a hosted Vicidial in the cloud is a more viable AutoDialer Virtual Call Center option over having an In-House server. With our hosted Vicidial solution 99% uptime is guaranteed.

Hosted Vicidial and PBX with tech support included

24/7 Tech Support included for all VoIP customers. Online friendly live support ready to attend all inquiries in every aspect of the VoIP accounts settings on softphones or dialers.

Tech support is included on all rented Hosted Vicidial servers, Switch2VoIP’s customer care team dedicated IT walks you through from the registration of the SIP trunking to the testing of the outbound/inbound calls.

There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars on IT’s installing and configuring a Virtual Auto Dialer to setup a call center, if you only need to run a telemarketing campaign with a few sales agents, ask Switch2VoIP’s tech support why choose between Vicidial or Goautodial and to learn how to setup a virtual call center using an autodialer.

Virtual hosted Vicidial for Call Centers

With the help of our rented Hosted Vicidial Virtual Call Center you will receive 99.99% system uptime and fault tolerance.

Increase or cancel the number of seats as you need, month by month, anyone can buy anytime our hosted phone services:

  • Auto Dialer Vicidial
  • PBX on the Cloud
  • Hosted IVR

The Vicidial server will be setup for your Virtual Call Center will be on a network that is state of the art with Fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour proactive monitoring.

Hosted Vicidial benefits

A rented virtual hosted Vicidial solution is best for fast start-ups with instant advantages. You will save on:

  1. Internet Bandwidth
  2. Hardware initial costs such as servers, devices, cables, etc.
  3. Constant Maintenance and Backups
  4. SIP trunking prices

What you need to buy to setup a hosted Vicidial Virtual Call Center

It’s very simple to setup a hosted Vicidial, this is a short check list of the requirements.

  1. Internet of at least 1MB per second for every 15 agents. Internet bandwidth is normally not an issue.
  2. Agents and computer stations able to navigate to a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer for the VirtualCallCenter admin and agent login.
  3. Download a Free PC based SoftPhone such as Xlite or Eyebeam (Free version downloadable from our secure website clean of viruses).

Voice Broadcast | Voice Blast

Cloud vicidial hosted pbx, autodialer and ivr rented

Voice blast or voice broadcast is a word that refers to the concept of sending to many different people the same recorded voice message.

This is a similar concept as a “robocall” which most of the people are used to.

Whether any political group wants to send out a recorded message, survey or call or any school or local organization wants to deliver a message to their employees or parents, you can use our Virtual Call Center for your marketing needs.

Virtual Call Center – Vicidial: $250 including Full Month of Tech Support (VoIP cost calculated separately)

Buy virtual call center, autodialer, pbx, ivr
AutoDialer Features
Auto Dialing
Autodialer - virtual call center features
Leads UploadingLeads uploading - virtual call center features
Agent Monitoring
Agent monitoring - virtual call center features
Voice RecordingVoice recording - virtual call center
Scalable SeatsScalable seats - virtual call center features
Full Tech SupportFull tech support - virtual call center features
60 days
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
$250 per month
Click “Join Now” to Add/Delete seats to select how many extensions you want before completing your order in the shopping cart.
PBX in the Cloud
Custom Greeting
Hosted pbx features
Agent ExtensionsHosted pbx features
Call Recording
Hosted pbx features
Call ForwardingHosted pbx features
Scalable ExtensionsHosted pbx features
Full Tech SupportHosted pbx features
60 days
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
$250 per month
Click “Join Now” to Add/Delete seats to select how many extensions you want before completing your order in the shopping cart.
Virtual call center, autodialer, pbx, ivr