Virtual/Hosted Dialer, The Best Tool to Grow Your Call Center

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Hosted vicidial If you run a ‘sales based’ company then it is absolutely paramount that you have an auto dialer in place. It is almost the ‘bread and butter’ of any sales company that wants to generate profit. Sadly though, an auto dialer is incredibly expensive to implement, especially if you are a start-up company. This is why you should look into solutions such as a Virtual Call Center which will be able to help your company out. So what is an auto dialer? Well as the name suggests, it dials numbers automatically. This is incredibly important for businesses as they will want to get through as many clients as possible. When the phone call is picked up the software will automatically connect the call to a ‘live person’ who can then deliver a message, whether it be a ‘sales message’ or just an information one. Some companies also use an auto dialer to deliver a ‘robotic caller’ or ‘voice broadcast message’ which is basically a pre-recorded message that plays when customers answer phones. Generally this is used for delivering messages, for example, in schools. Additional Links: So why are solutions such as Vicidial and Goautodial cost effective as an auto dialer? Well you really don’t need any equipment besides a computer and a download a softphone app for each person that is going to be using the auto dialer. There is absolutely no need to install any phone lines, or any servers to maintain. It is a simple case of hooking up to the internet and getting started, and everything is maintained by a VoIP Provider such as Switch2Voip. Generally, a VICIdial or GOautodial solution will handle 35 members of staff at the same time, which is enough for a small business. However, once you start rapidly generating profit through your auto dialer you will want to expand operations. This is why companies like Switch2Voip enable you to ‘expand’ the amount of dialing servers you have at your disposal. This could mean for example, running 2 Goautodial servers at the same time for every 20 agents you have dialing. This could effectively expand your company’s operations to many hundreds of seats, all at the same low cost.

When you have a hosted auto dialer solution, you can be sure that you are going to have the system up almost all of the time (99.99% of the time in fact!) which will of course keep your staff working throughout the night, drumming up sales for you. You will always want to ensure that you choose a company that operates 24/7 monitoring of the servers as well, this will ensure that in the unlikely situation of ‘downtime’ there will be someone there to put things right as quickly as possible, which of course is going to keep those sales flowing in.

You can purchase an auto dialer solutions from Switch2Voip at incredibly competitive prices. This means you will end up generating substantial amounts of profit without the initial cost outlay, something which is of course incredibly important for a business.