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Last modified: May 1, 2019

Virtual Call Center Hosted Auto Dialer

Virtual Call Center 

Renting a Virtual Call Center solution is the fastest and easiest way to start your telemarketing campaign, our servers are located in a DataCenter facility that uses green energy to power our Auto-Dialer, hosted PBX and hosted IVR servers, it ensures maximum uptime so you can focus on your main business while our engineers keep your campaign running without any interruptions.

We have included in your package a team of online customer support and IT tech support agents that will help you manage every aspect of your hosted Virtual Call Center server, this will help you maintain your focus on your call center agents and your telemarketing campaign while we take care of the rest.

Virtual Hosted VICIdial, rent a dialer for a $10 per seat monthly rent on and save yourself some time and hassle, our team of tech support specialists will take care of your campaigns. Signup and start dialing.
Start from 5 agents and ramp up as you need while your campaign grows, every additional seat for a new agent costs just $15, this means you can easily increase the number of call center reps at any time.

You only need:

○Internet bandwith with minimum 1.5MBPS for every 20 agents.

○ One computer for every agent that will be attending the calls.


Hosted Auto-Dialer

With the help of our hosted auto-dialer you will receive 99.99% system uptime and fault tolerance. The auto-dialer will be setup on a server on a network that is state of the art with fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour proactive monitoring.


What do i need to have to make calls with your Auto-Dialer?

  1. Agents and computer stations able to navigate to a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer for the auto-dialer admin and agent login.
  2. Free PC based SoftPhone such as Xlite or Eyebeam.


Voice Broadcast | Voice Blast 

Additional Auto-Dialer Service: Voice blast or voice broadcast is the concept of sending to many different people the same recorded voice message. This is a similar concept as a “robocall” which most of the people are used to. Whether any political group wants to send out a recorded message, survey or call or any school or local organization delivers a message to employees or parents. There are a lot of excellent applications and uses for voice broadcast or voice blast.


Price for 1 Seat including Full Month of Tech Support (VoIP cost not included)

DUO 2.8 GHz
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
$15.00 per Ext.


Rented Hosted Auto Dialer