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Last modified: August 18, 2021

Switch2VoIP provides VoIP for Business including entrepreneurs and Call Centers worldwide on a prepaid basis. Signup for a Business VoIP SIP Account by selecting the amount you wish to deposit on your balance, you can start making calls with just $5.

Switch2VoIP Business VoIP provider delivers the same or even better reliability and quality when compared to the local phone company.

Take the weight out of your shoulders and gain advantage of all these great Business VoIP tools and online all inclusive live tech support that goes with the phone service.

VoIP for business with low calling rates

Switch2VoIP’s digital virtual voice solution for Business and Call Centers gives you with the opportunity of calling your clients at a fraction of the cost. Visit the VoIP rates.

Increase productivity and efficiency. From day one you’ll experience how your phone bills will decrease at around 60% even if you’re making local long distance or international calls.

VoIP for business
VoIP for Business

Switch2VoIP allows business to keep their own existing technology and just make a few changes in the Auto-Dialer or PBX configuration to start making calls at low cost from one single SIP account provider.

By retaining the same phone number and technology of your business and having lower costs your company will be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Phone number portability allows any company to transfer their business VoIP phone service number to other telecom networks.

Using internet connection from home or office allows to customize the SIP account settings and features just by logging into the account dashboard without any limitation.

The success the Business VoIP phone service in the telephone industry is due to its business friendly characteristics, low calling rates and simplified billing.

What is a “SIP Account”?

SIP means “Session Initiation Protocol”, therefore a SIP Account are the credentials needed to configure the SIP-phone, softphone or IP-PBX device being used to make calls.

When you signup for a SIP account the Business VoIP provider sends out an email to the user with the account credentials that will be setup on the softphone or dialer, these SIP account credentials include the username, password and IP of the provider’s network.

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SIP Account setup on Softphone:

SIP account setup
Softphone SIP settings

This is an example of the SIP account credentials configured on Xlite, Xten or Eyebeam softphone installed on a computer or mobile. Here you can find detailed instructions to Configure your Softphone.

SIP accounts can also be configured through IP-IP authentication on your PBX or AutoDialer. IP authentication greatly increases the security a PBX that is hosted on the cloud.

SIP Account setup on Mobile App:

Mobile App SIP account settings
Mobile SIP settings

SIP Accounts are so flexible they can be configured virtually on any kind of mobile app available in the market.

In our past article we explained how to setup your SIP Account on mobile applications such as Bria which is one of the most stables in the market.

Who are VoIP SIP Accounts for?

•    All small businesses dealing with customers and having the need of making long distance calls.
•    All Enterprises whose sales team has to travel to meet their customers can benefit from low cost calling.
•    Large sized businesses with diversified geographic and dispersed locations.
•    A medium or large size organization that want to reduce their phone bills in order to invest that money in other areas of their business.
•    Resellers, Carriers and Telecom companies looking to provide phone service to their local customers at a lower rate.
•    Call Centers using systems such as IP PBX, Asterisk, VICIdial, Goautodial etc. with the need of a reliable SIP Trunking provider.

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