VoIP For Call Centers In Philippines: The Benefits

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Call center voip philippines

When you are looking for a call center VoIP provider in Philippines you want to save money and obtain a better quality service, it is possible to find what you are looking for. Technology has made it possible to say goodbye to standard phone lines. You can now get VoIP for a call center so that you can obtain more services at a lower price.

VoIP is known as voice over an IP address. Essentially, it allows you to make and receive calls with the internet as opposed to a standard phone line. This makes it easier to take more calls at a time and take advantage of various services that only modern technology can allow.

You can get VoIP in Philippines without having to be based in the Philippines. Many call centers are relocating into this area of the world because it is more affordable. When the call center uses VoIP, you can take advantage of a Switch2Voip free USA DID so that people don’t know that it’s not US-based. Call prices to USA and UK are under one cent per minute (0.008).

Additionally, you will be able to monitor the activity of the call center from your computer, wherever it may be located. This includes such details as:

  • Length of call
  • Number of callers
  • Time spent in queue


You can choose how to monitor your call centre VoIP to make regular improvements upon it. Predictive dialers, caller ID, speed dial, and various other features can be included for you. With various software programs including VoIP for Vicidial and VoIP for GoAutoDial, there are ways to get the service that you need at the price that you can afford.

SIP trunking is offered by Switch2VoIP so you obtain the very best streaming media service that makes it possible to manage your IT more effectively. Various configurations can be established so that you can setup a call center VoIP as well as SMS messaging and other things to reach out to customers and contacts.

Switch2Voip’s proprietary call center auto dialer is offered at no charge to all customers. A VoIP Auto Dialer can also improve efficiency within a call center so that no one has to do the dialing on their own. You can establish a database of phone numbers that the software will tap into to place all of the calls. As long as you have team members on the phone, they will be connected to people without having to do anything. This means that your call center can have more productivity without having to spend more money to get it.

A call center is critical to your business regardless of whether you are calling out or people are your customers are calling in. Saving money is important but obtaining various services to improve the customer experience and allow you to manage the IT aspect is even more important. Switch2VoIP can show you all of the benefits you can get.

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