Crystal Clear VoIP for Hotels

Last modified: January 14, 2021

Voip for hotelsOur targeted service VoIP for Hotels provides two definite advantages for chain hotels that are in a given region of a country and for hospitality providers that have operations all over the world.

These advantages are clear, timely, and consistent communication between each site so that everyone is working on the same page. The second advantage is that hotels can offer an extra amenity to your guests that make you stand out above the rest of your competition for service.

Unlimited channels SIP trunking means that you have a truly unlimited number of phone lines for your hotel or hotels no matter where they are located. Unlimited VoIP channels on your SIP trunk allows you to send voice, text, data, and do international conference calling. Asterisk SIP trunking lets you add any person to the meeting or conversation by simply hitting the asterisk button and that person’s or group’s identity code.

Just consider the advantages of having every hotel manager that reports to you in the same meeting at the same time. New product roll outs become smoother and seamless. Rate changes and procedural changes are communicated instantly to everyone that has the need to know.

Now think about improving your sales with VoIP for hotels. You usually have a few months or a year heads up about conferences and meetings in your city. VoIP for you hotel allows you and your best local sales people to put on the best demonstration and sales pitch for a huge clientele without ever leaving your offices. The savings in airfare alone will pay for the system.

International virtual phone numbers allow you to talk, email, text, and send data for prices under 1 cent per minute. You pay 0.008 per minute to the USA, 0.008 per minute to the United Kingdom, 0.005 per minute to Canada regardless of where you are. You have the options of prepaid billing or pay as you go. No phone company in the world can match these prices. The saving is income to your hotel.

Now consider what this system can do for your guests. Your guests get the same low phone rates and you do not pay anything for the service because the phone charge is added to their bill. With rates this low your guests become your sales force. Your guests are going to talk about the ease of access, versatility, and low costs of your VoIP service. This translates in more guests using your hotel.

VoIP for hotels makes the hospitality business easier to manage and more profitable. You save on travel costs and phone costs. You provide your guests with a perk that your competition does not have. You provide consistent service in every hotel you operate and eliminate confusion that single channel phone calls can create. You can sell your brand easier, faster, and at a lower cost.


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