USA Virtual VoIP Phone Number

USA phone number, United States DID, IP phoneHaving a USA VoIP Phone Number or Virtual Phone Number is like having a telephone line from your traditional phone company without getting into all the contracts and hidden fees!

“USA VoIP Phone Numbers” have all types of features to use and expand a business’s functions so that they can have better time management while keeping down addition costs.

VoIP-Phone Numbers also known as DID’s or Virtual Phone Numbers use the SIP protocol to make calls over the internet.

If you need a USA Virtual VoIP Phone Number you are in the right place, a USA VoIP Phone Number will be setup on your account by default when you signup for a new VoIP account.

Make Multiple Simultaneous Calls

With a United States of America Virtual Phone Number you will have access to Unlimited VoIP channels (Voice-over Internet Protocol) on your account, not just 1 line, but unlimited lines for calling and receiving.

One of the best things about this “Unlimited Channels” feature is the driving-force behind the success it has, can be summed-up in the fact, that an individual or company don’t have to necessarily purchase any additional phone lines at all!

This type of “voice-over-IP” technology works just like the traditional phone services. Which makes it simple to ”plug-in” the telephone account you want to use.

USA Virtual Phone Numbers are ready to plug-in and communication benefits can be rewarded instantly. Prices are under 1 cent per minute to the USA at 0.008 (20% under 1 cent) and to the United Kingdom, 0.005 (half a cent) per minute to Canada!

International VoIP Phone Numbers

Switch2VoIP also provides International VoIP Phone Numbers with prepaid billing.

In most cities around the world, from your PBX, VoIP call-forwarding can also be set-up to establish your business existence, work as a local business having a virtual VoIP phone number.

To begin simplifying your business presence any place in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, switch-on and plug-in this unlimited time USA Virtual Phone Number to be on your way to more business options, growth, (via communications), and incoming streams, productivity and operational success!

Toll Free Numbers

If you need your business to have presence inside the United States, Canada or United Kingdom, Toll Free Numbers are available at $5 per month plus only 1 cent per minute on incoming calls. If you sign-up for a VoIP account, simply select a toll- (800), (888), (877) or (866) phone number to help you increase your number of contacts and increase your company profits!

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