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VoIP Provider FranceFrance VoIP Provider at 0.0078 per Minute

Signup for a Switch2Voip account to make calls to France at 0.0078 per minute and make calls from any device, our service is compatible with all softphones and PBX phone systems.

There are no monthly fees, setup fees or hidden charges, you just pay for what you use with no rounding.

Do you provide France phone numbers?

Yes, a Virtual Phone Number, (also called DID) is a VoIP telephone number used to receive calls using a softphone or a PBX.  A Virtual number makes it possible for someone in a specific area code to call another area code as if it were a local call.

France virtual telephone numbers are normally programmed to forward the incoming calls to a pre-set telephone number selected by the client or to a Virtual PBX.

France Phone Number Price: USD $9.99 per month.

France SIP Trunk Benefits:

    • Convenient low price at 0.0078 per minute with no rounding.
Additionally you can buy a France Virtual Phone number.

France Virtual Phone Number Benefits:

    • Own a France Virtual phone number at $9.99 per month with no taxes or any other hidden charges.
    • You can make calls using a softphone, dialing manual or automatically with an auto-dialer.
    • Forward calls from your France Virtual phone number to any phone number in the world.
    • Save a fortune with your France Virtual phone number while your business operates from overseas.
    • The France Virtual Phone allows your customers to contact you easily and effortlessly.
  • You can receive your France phone calls on your mobile device.
  • Virtual Phone Number Price: $9.99/Month 

A Virtual phone number can work from anywhere; you do not need to wait at a desk for that important call. Calls are routed to your landline or cell phone, which ever you wish.

When you sign up with Switch2Voip we give you a FREE USA based Virtual Phone Number or DID with the area code of your choice. Our local, long distance and international calling, makes it easier than ever to stay connected to customers, friends and family. We have all area codes available in the United States and you’re ready to make calls manually or automatically.

Now you can have your Virtual office in France while your business operates from overseas.

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